Can people be monsters?


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monster is the collective term for the children and descendants of Eve, the mother of all. But there are also other creatures that are called monsters, but are not related to or descended from Eve.

Basically, they are supernatural beings with extraordinary powers that are often on the hunt for people in order to survive. After their annihilation, their souls do not go to heaven or hell. Instead, they usually end up in purgatory.

List of monsters


Alphas are the very first of their kind and are direct descendants of Eve. Alphas are stronger than any other of their species. They are the creators of the rest of their race and, as such, the undisputed leaders of their kind.

Elite monsters

These monsters are strongest because they are either physically stronger than the rest (like dragons) or are so unique that they are difficult for hunters to hunt.

Senior monsters

These monsters are stronger than the majority of monsters, but they are not among the strongest.

Medium strong monsters

These monsters are above average in terms of strength and power. They're also usually harder to kill than normal monsters.

Normally strong monsters

These monsters are considered to be the easiest to kill and usually have the weakest powers. Even so, they are still dangerous to hunters.

Other beings

These creatures are monsters whose exact origin is unknown. However, they are also very strong and usually very difficult to kill.

  • Wendigo - Wendigos were once human.
  • Tulpa - they arise through pure thought power.
  • Shtriga - Shtriga are a kind of witch.
  • Zombie - Zombies are created by magic and are not related to Eve.
  • Elves - Elves were created by Oberon, not Eve.
  • Leviathane - They were made before Eve. However, they are related to her in some way.
  • Amazons - They were created by a deity, not Eve.
  • Winged Monkeys - They are a type of elf, which is why they are not related to Eve.
  • Golem - A golem is created by sorcery and is not descended from Eve.
  • Guardian Spirits - The exact ancestry of these beings is unknown, but they seem to have more in common with magic and witches than with Eve.
  • The rabid ones - they were created by darkness.
  • Zanna - The exact origin of these beings is unknown.
  • Qarin - Her ancestry is unknown.
  • Root clone - they are created by witches.
  • Shedim - beings imprisoned in hell whose origin is unknown, but probably not Eve's.
  • Musca - hybrids of humans and flies, the origin of which is unknown.
  • Kohonta - creatures created by a curse.

Ghost-like types

  • Shojo - Shojos are a kind of ghost and are therefore not related to Eve.
  • Banshee - Banshees are a type of ghost and therefore not related to Eve.
  • Malicious Banshee - A rogue species, but like the normal banshees, a kind of ghost and thus not related to Eve.
  • Soul Eaters - Soul Eaters are a type of ghost and therefore not related to Eve.

Demigods monsters

Half of these creatures are monsters and half are gods.

  • Nordic demigods (According to Gabriel: "Monsters created by divine copulation)
  • Greek demigods

Unknown types

These are monsters that have already appeared in the series, but almost nothing is known about their properties.

  • Lamia(chased by Sam and Dean but never seen in the episode)
  • Eleanor Visyak's species(It is unknown which race of monsters she belongs to, as she was only seen in human form)
  • Gorilla wolves(mentioned by Dean)
  • Edward Trenton's species (feeds on livers)

Monsters mentioned only (sorted chronologically according to their mention)

These are monsters whose existence (and partly their properties) has so far only been confirmed by mention or verbal communication.

Not canon



Known Alphas:


Although many monsters are loners, some, especially the intelligent, form groups or packs where they live in "nests" and hunt together. Pack leaders are considered to be the bosses of these groups. This is not always regular as some prefer to rely on yourself.

Monsters sometimes live in family groups too, and like changelings, the parents are the leaders.

Monsters who live in packs

Known group leaders




Become a monster

This is not an exhaustive list, it shows some of the most common methods of becoming or creating a monster.

From Eve

The most effective method is physical contact with Eve, the mother of all. She had the ability to turn people into monsters or hybrids with a mere touch. This is probably how most alphas were created.

From other monsters

However, the most common method is only sexual reproduction with or between monsters. Werewolves are largely created by a bite, but mating with other werewolves makes it possible.

  • To be bitten - Werewolves, Skinwalkers and Jefferson Starships can pass their curse on to humans through bites.
  • Genetic defect - Some monsters can genetically reproduce without infecting others. This is not the same as sexual reproduction between monsters, since in these cases normal humans can also give birth to monsters, as is the case with shape shifters and Rugarus. They are just a freak of nature.
  • By transfusion - The admixture of vampire blood with that of a person can turn people into vampires.
  • By drinking - Many people also transform when their body ingests the vampire blood orally.
  • By poison - The poison of an arachne can turn its victims into arachne.


  • cannibalism - Consuming human flesh for years can turn someone into a wendigo.

General attributes

Many monsters share the same traits and traits.

  • Feed on people - Most, if not all, monsters feed on humans - be it our blood, flesh, certain organs, souls or all four. Only shojos, sirens and phoenixes don't seem to feed on humans. You just kill her. A shapeshifter has never been seen or even intended to eat humans, although the Leviathan Edgar has claimed that at least some shapeshifters did. Some monsters are also very picky and only eat certain people. Dragons eat virgins, scavenger heads eat children, each Okami eats according to his own preferences, Shtriga feed on children and young changeling feed on mothers, while the older ones also eat children.
  • Non-human eyes - Shapeshifters, Jefferson Starships, Werewolves, Kitsunes, Skinwalkers, Wendigos, Skinwalkers, Vetalas, Dragons, Rugarus, Djinns, Pishtacos, and Rakshasas can be identified by their strange eye colors, although it requires some specific conditions to be recognized Shape shifter eyes turn yellow when viewed through a camera.)
  • Claws - Werewolves, Shojos, Kitsunen, Skinwalkers (in dog form), Wendigos, dragons, eater heads and lamias all have razor-sharp claws.
  • Fangs - Vampires, Werewolves, Okamis, Jefferson Starships, Wendigos, Skinwalkers, Crocottas and Vetalas have monstrous teeth. Vampires and Vetalas use them to drink the blood of their victims, all others use them to tear people apart.
  • Super strength - All monsters have a certain amount of superhuman strength. They can lift some people with one hand or break steel chains, the possible exceptions are Sirens, Dragons, Werewolves, Shojos, Rugarus, Vampires, Jefferson Starships and Wendigos are some of the strongest monsters.
  • Super speed - Many monsters are much faster than humans and can sneak up on their prey unnoticed or overtake them when a chase occurs. Skinwalkers, Rugarus, Werewolves, Vampires, Kitsuns, Jefferson Starships, Djinns, Crocottas, Dragons (while flying), and Wendigos have this ability, but Wendigos are the fastest monsters.
  • Shapeshifting - One of the abilities of many monsters is the ability to change shape. Some monsters like Shape Shifters, Sirens, Rakshasas, and Jefferson Starships can transform themselves into anything they want, while others have limited options. Dragons, Crocottas, Changelings, Shtrigas, Phoenixes, Kitsuns, Skinwalkers and Djinns can only switch back and forth between their true form and that of a human. Some monsters have certain requirements or restrictions on their transformations. So werewolves are the only monsters that cannot control their transformation.


  • Season 8 and Season 10 were the only seasons so far that did not feature a new race of monsters. To do this, however, they introduced new subspecies of monsters.
    • Season 8 introduced the pure-blood werewolves and genies that feed on fear.
    • In season 10, a new type of Khan worm was discovered.