How do you increase the positive vibrations

In this way you increase your vibration frequency and come into your true power

When you have access to your intuition you know in every moment what feels right and what not. You meet themdecisionsthat hold the greatest possible development potential. You are with oneSource of higher consciousness connected and can use your infinite wealth and yours limitless wisdom scoop.

The eight-week online course “Discover the Guru in you” will help you reconnect with your intuition. Among other things, you will learn:

  • Consciously perceiving intuition and from others Distinguish phenomena
  • What gets in the way of your intuition and how you like this Minimize obstacles
  • Concrete methods and meditationsthat your Activate intuition
  • Practical exerciseto train intuition like a muscle
  • More conscious and more mindful to live
  • In a simple but powerful way with your Communicating hearts
  • Constructive with all Dealing with feelings
  • And much more! Take a look at all the content of the course here.

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