How do I marry a European woman

How does Europe get married? Wedding customs and hotspots

A student exchange in France, a semester abroad in Italy, a vacation in Spain, an internship in Sweden, work in Ireland - we are at home in Europe and it has never been easier to spend part of your life in another country. The reverse is also true: many people from neighboring European countries end up in Germany for the same reasons. Exchange and communication are not limited to the professional career. Friendships develop, partnerships develop and more and more couples come to the wedding aisle who come from two different countries.

Other countries other manners

Time to take a closer look at a wedding in Europe. It is not only interesting for people with a foreign partner what wedding customs there are in other countries. Do the Spaniards marry like us? Do Austrians also organize a hen party? Is there a bachelorette party in Poland? Or does each country have its own individual customs? Maybe you can integrate one or the other custom into your own wedding in Germany, especially if one of the partners comes from this country.

Wedding outside of Germany

But we don't just want to know how other Europeans get married, we also want to know what needs to be considered if we Germans want to get married in another European country. Which documents are required? Where are the most beautiful places for a wedding? And does a wedding outside of Germany cost more? In general, German citizens can get married anywhere in the world and this wedding is then also valid in their home country. Marriage is based on the laws in force in the respective country. In most cases, a certificate of marital status is required, which can be applied for at the responsible German registry office.

Why get married abroad?

The lagoon city of Venice in Italy and Paris, the city of love in France, are among the most popular locations for a wedding in Europe. But even beyond these hotspots, there are numerous wonderfully beautiful locations for an unforgettable start to the marriage. Some couples may have met on vacation and return to this place for their own wedding. Others choose their partner's home. Some also just want to be far away, in the sun or in the mountains. The marriage ceremony at a common place of longing only welds the couple together even more.

With or without a wedding party?

From a bureaucratic point of view, a wedding in another European country is not a problem. Logistics, on the other hand, require more effort if the couple would like to have many of their friends and family with them. Not every guest is ready to book a flight or pay for a hotel. If you get married elsewhere, you shouldn't start planning too late, so that those invited have enough time to submit their vacation and plan the short trip accordingly. Everyone has to decide for themselves where the financial pain threshold is. The couple should be prepared for the fact that one or the other favorite person may cancel because the costs and effort are simply too high for them. But even in such a case, the following applies: It is the wedding couple's big day. It marries for itself and not for the guests. And if it should be on a Mediterranean island, then it should be there - with or without a large wedding party!

Unforgettable experience!

While the wedding of two Germans or a German-European couple, even if it takes place abroad, certainly contains many well-known and familiar processes, a typical wedding can be quite surprising. Every country has its own traditions and customs that are more or less carried on. A wedding in a different cultural area is always an exciting thing. As an invited guest, the opportunity to take part should not be missed if the time and finances are right.

In the next few weeks we will take a look over to our European neighbors and report on how people get married in the individual countries, which customs there are, where the hotspots for a wedding celebration are and what German citizens have to consider if they also marry there want to close.