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How a woman dominates a man - tips for femdom

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With femdom you have the say - in sex or in a relationship.

The woman in the dominant role - BDSM

Your husband behaves submissively and You like a dominant role? You are even a little sadistic predisposed? So a pat on the buttocks or a little more is definitely fun - as long as you are the performer?

Excellent, many men are looking for femdom women in the contact market. As a femdom you are the mistress and he must obey you. Here you can live out your dominant side and yours Order partnerwhat to do. A very practical division of labor. Here you will find the best tips for sex, relationships and love as a femdom.

What is femdom?

The term

Femdom shortens the word Female dominance (English for "female dominance") and describes a variant of Sado Maso in which a woman takes the dominant role. In contrast, the dominance exercised by men (or the male Dom variant) is called Maledom (English male "man" or "male").

Differentiation from the dominatrix

It is important that the dominant woman addressed is not a dominatrix, as only this term is used professional female dominant women are designated. A dominant woman in SM is called a Domse or Domme designated. In role-playing games, the domme can usually be addressed by her bottom as "mistress", "lady" or "master", while she calls her bottom "slaven", "sub" or "servant".

Femdom is about a permanent erotic role play, in which the man is the Wishes and control of his active partner subject. But that doesn't necessarily have to be a professional dominatrix.

Female Led Relationships

In Female Supremacy, the woman sets the tone in the relationship.

However, if the role of this dominant woman extends beyond SM roleplaying games, that is one thing independent form of relationship and becomes Female Led Relationship (FLR), Female Supremacy or Female Superiority called. A fundamental thought in this type of relationship is, an assumed natural Superiority of women within the relationship to reach. It is quite possible that the submission of the bottom takes place in the emotional and everyday area and does not necessarily have something to do with SM practices.

This is how it works - female power through male fetish

Find out which fetish your partner has exactly. Nearly every man has a fetish, be it for certain items of clothing, smells, sex practices or dirty talk. Let him do this one Fetish questionnaire to complete. The more intensely and more you use his fetish, the better you can dominate your submissive man. Take care of him to get hot with his fetish and hold on, but not too quick to reward.

Are there any taboos?

If you want to dominate your partner, there is a whole Range of practicesthat you can apply. You and your partner should know each other beforehand discuss which taboos you havewhere exactly the limits are and how far you can go. After all, you both want to have fun and there should be no misunderstandings during erotic play. The taboos could also be on the Fetish questionnaire note.

Maybe you still want to do it in retrospect try one or the otherwhich was actually a taboo. If you both agree, it can then be integrated into your erotic game.

Common Practices - Education for the Sub

There are different practices a woman can use to dominate.

Frequent dominance games are the widespread practices in SMBondage, the application of hot wax during sexand ice or different Role play, for which you dress yourself and your partner accordingly.

Also can Educational games and the so-called Teasing-and-denial(arm and refuse) apply. But it is always essential that you are the dominant part and your partner the submissive. You can also include cleaning rituals such as floor scrubbing, washing clothes or cleaning boots in your actions to make your partner compliant. There are now many Partiesthat are exclusively for women who live out their dominant side that you can visit with your partner.


Know and adhere to limits

Many men like the humiliationthat they are exposed to through you as mistress. Very extreme practices, such as urinating in your partner's face, are not an everyday activity and must never be performed without consent. So that you don't cause emotional damage to your partner, you have to yourself talk to him about it in detail beforehand.

A humiliation should above all be a disparagement and a punishment be. But that has to be in one humanly acceptable framework stay with which everyone agrees. Often one already leads verbal Expression a humiliation. If you order your partner to address you as "Mistress" or "Lady", then this paves the way to humiliation.

Call for action

Collar and handcuffs are another accessory for submissive men. The request for oral satisfaction on your part, it could be a more innocuous command that demonstrates your power. Besides, you can too Dress code enforce that expose the genitals. Letting him scrub the floor naked on his knees is another one degrading activitythat you can initiate - more about submissive nude cleaning here.

The role play

The woman can act out her dominance in role-playing games.

For the purpose of humiliation, you can tell your partner assign many roles. He can Your slave or pupil be or serve you as a prisoner or domesticated pet. You can also detach your partner completely from his gender and with one Feminization impose a female role on him. In this case, your partner can be a maid, schoolgirl, or even a doll. The latter even converts to a object.

For such role-playing games, you can use a number of Auxiliary utensils which you then cleverly bring into the game. For example, you can bandage your partner's hands or eyes as a prisoner and assign them items of clothing that suit their role. To get a feel for the role play, you can with your partner too first an introductory scene play.

The petplay

The Pet play denotes a type of role-playing game in which the subjugated man the Role of an animal plays that you assign to him. Usually horses and dogs are imitated, but pigs or cows can also be simulated.

The most famous role-playing games are the clamping of a horse in front of a wagon, often and often on SM parties practiced, or leading a dog around on a collar and leash, and letting a dog eat from a bowl. All of this serves the absolute humiliation of the submissive part. More in Petplay guide.

The punishments

The punishment can be carried out with a whip, but it can also consist of shackles.

At Disobedience, breaking the rules and according to yours arbitrariness you should introduce and implement penalties. Let him now and then short, small pains feel. Of course, it should be agreed beforehand which type of punishment is okay for both sides and which is not. Practical tips on this in Spanking guide.

Joy, fun and security

As the dominant part, you have a lot of responsibility and are for them Responsible for the safety and health of your partner. This affects both the physical and the psychological aspect. The most important thing is that you and your partner have a code word Thinking that your partner can tell you if you are going too far. You then have to cancel immediately.

Such precautionary measures are essential, because after all, SM is about fun and nobody should be seriously injured - read all the important points about safeword in the BDSM guide here.

Relationship and domination as a femdom

As a femdom, you do not only play the dominant role in Lovemaking With female-dominant sex positions but also beyond. Your Man is subject to you. He not only pays his mistress his monthly income, but also takes on as many household chores as you want. In a female-led relationship, he will fulfill all your wishes.

To achieve this, you should gradually get your man over extended role-playing games enslave. Between the role plays he has to get one Chastity submit to him You always in his mind Has. His orgasm is then entirely in your hand. You can intensify these educational methods step by step until you completely submissive is. To complete the enslavement one should be in a femdom relationship Slave contract - sample here - be completed.


You can either dominate with Live out to your partner, or willing submissive partners through classified ads Find. At the beginning you should clarify precise rules, e.g. regarding taboos and whether there is a code word. Then you should get over it Fetishes or preferences entertain so that both can have fun. Bondage is a popular practice in femdom, for example. You can find more about this under How every woman should bring her tied man to an absolute orgasm.

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