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Trophy collection

PlayStation ™ Network> Trophy Collection

If you achieve certain goals in games that support the trophy function, you can win a trophy. The trophies won are saved on the PS3 ™ system.

Types of trophies

The trophies are divided into four categories. Usually the categories are based on the level of difficulty you need to master to win a trophy. The types of trophies available and the conditions under which you can win a trophy depend on the game.

Viewing the Trophy Collection


Choose (PlayStation ™ Network)> (Trophy Collection).
The percentages to win a trophy are displayed for the games.



Select the game you want to view information for.
Images of the trophies you have already won are displayed.


Saving the trophy information to the PSNSM-Server

If you are signed in to a Sony Entertainment Network account, information about the trophies you have won can be found on the PSNSM-Save server. To save the information to the server or view the trophy information, you must be on the PSNSM to be registered.

Trophy information is automatically displayed on PSN in the following casesSM-Server saved:


  • If you are at PSNSM If you are signed in to an account linked to your PlayStation®4 system or PlayStation®Vita system, you can also view trophies earned on those systems.
  • Log on to PSNSM on, choose (Trophy Collection) under (PlayStation ™ Network), press Button, and then select [Toggle Mode] from the Options menu to switch to [Offline Mode]. In [Offline Mode], you can view the trophy information stored on the PS3 ™ system.
  • When a game is downloaded as a full game trial version (a PlayStation®Plus service), trophies won in the game will not appear on the PSNSM-Server saved. When you purchase the game, trophies won prior to purchase will be on the PSNSM-Server saved.

Set the group of players who can see trophies you have won

You can go over the group of players who can see trophies you have won (PlayStation ™ Network)> [Account Management]> [Privacy Settings] set.
For each game you can set whether the trophies that you have won should be displayed. Go to (PlayStation ™ Network)> (Trophy Collection) to select the game to set, press Button, and then select [Privacy Settings] from the options menu. Deselect [Show trophies for this game] to hide trophy information for the selected game only.


  • If you go to the settings for publishing trophies under (PlayStation ™ Network)> [Account Management]> [Privacy Settings] select [Not from anyone], this setting has priority. That is, the trophy information will not be made available even if the [Show trophies for this game] check box is selected for each game.
  • If you don't reveal trophy information to anyone, it will appear to other players like you haven't won any trophies.
  • You cannot specify for each game who the information should be made available to.

Compare the status of the trophies won with friends

You can in (Friends) compare the status of the trophies won with your friends.

For details, see (Friends)> [List of Friends]> [Viewing Profiles].

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