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Transcendental meditation

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9punkt 28.03.2017[…] at Deutsche Welle.) David Lynch, Lena Dunham, allegedly even Thomas Tuchel and his Borussia are under the spell of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (who died in 2008), the founder of "Transcendental Meditation", from which John Lennon once turned away (for which he was punished justly according to the master qua assassination). Valerie Graf tells online at Zeit how horrible it was in this sect […] n the world economic crisis, the fear of terrorism and the hollowed out self-realization ideology of neoliberalism. That Ivanka Trump was promoting on her blog Transcendental meditation is hardly surprising: the sect's unfounded promises fit perfectly with the under-complex political program of their father. " […]Ivy 01/22/2016[…] can no longer be saved ". Oh no, says Jan Küveler in a highly amusing review in Die Welt:" Despite everything: not a bad Castorf, even if that sounds strange. His theater has traits transcendental meditation, a spiritual alchemy in which, if you let it simmer for hours, camel dung turns into gold. So indoctrinated one would like to believe in exhaustion at midnight, when it's all over […]Features pages May 6, 2010[…] were created later, but are also painted worse than those of their international colleagues. "), David Sieveking's documentary" David wants to fly "about the filmmaker David Lynch and the Transcendental meditation, Cary Joji Fukunaga's Mexican gangster film drama "Sin Nombre", an exhibition about Nelly Sachs in the Jewish Museum in Berlin and books, including two biographies about Johann Peter Hebel […]Feature pages 22.12.2007[…] Berliner Teufelsberg has. "He is said to have bought the Teufelsberg, but not as a location for filming, but for a 'University of Invincible Germany', which in the name of Transcendental Meditation should be built. The public presentation of the project in Urania, however, turned into a scandal. The German 'Raja' Emmanuel Schiffgens had appeared in a white robe and a golden crown […]Feature pages 04/28/2007[…] was born a hundred years ago. On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Berlin Philharmonic, Volker Tarnow is writing. In an interview with Matthias Heine, director David Lynch explains what the Transcendental meditation has brought: "You learn to immerse yourself in the inner ocean of consciousness. And by doing that, you enliven it." Peter E. Müller went to see the musical "Daddy Cool" in Berlin […]Magazine review March 22, 2004[…] Defense Department employees. "For the Taliban, reconstruction is 'enemy number one'." Rebecca Mead reports on a press conference highlighting the beneficial effects of Transcendental meditation was presented to children and adolescents. O-ton of a teenager: "TM clears my head, so I can do a lot of homework now - if I have to, five hours […]