What does holding hands mean to you

Holding hands: 9 reasons it's so important to love

If you think of sweaty hands and uptight teenage parties with braces when you hold hands, you are unfortunately very wrong. Because walking hand in hand through life can and should be done at the age of 20, 30, 40 and up to at least 100. Holding hands is a very special sign that two people of the heart can give each other.

What is the meaning of the loving gesture for us? Well, here are nine pretty beautiful things that it says about two people when they walk around the world in such a connected manner:

1. Anyone can hold hands

Holding hands: it's always and equally possible for everyone. It doesn't matter whether you're a sweet 14 or a mature 90. And this beautiful gesture is of course not only common among lovers, but also works wonderfully without a relationship. Mothers and fathers with their children, friends big and small, brothers and sisters, grandparents and their grandchildren - they all hold hands and that's a good thing. Because "You are close to me" can be shown to all kinds of people, not just your partner.

2. Holding hands creates unity

Walking arm in arm shows that there are two people here who like each other, who are close, who form a unity in life, so to speak. Holding hands is a small gesture, so to speak. And yet it says at least as much about a relationship.

Whoever takes the hand of his partner in his shows very clearly: "We belong together". You don't hide your love, but you don't trumpet it screamingly either. Rather, this little gesture is only intended for the two lovers who show each other: "I stand by you as you are. I don't care what others think."

3. Holding hands acts like a kind of bonding

Like all small touches in everyday life, holding hands creates closeness to one another. You can feel that the other person stands by you, that he is looking for closeness and physical contact. It is these little gestures that strengthen love and are therefore extremely important. I don't have to stick my tongue down my partner's throat to show everyone, look, this is mine. It can also be more subtle and intimate.

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4. Hold hands like you did when you were a child

In addition, this little gesture dates back to when we were a small child and looked for and held the hand of our mother and father. That gave us security when we were feeling anxious. It strengthened our self-confidence because we felt: there is someone there for me. The fact that we seek and find this gesture as adults also does us good after we are children.

5. Holding hands: the first touch

Not only with teenagers, also later, when we are older, it is usually the first contact with our new heart person. Be it that he brushes our hand with his on the first date or that he grabs our hand when leaving the pub. It's that wonderful first moment when we touch each other. Great. Almost as tender and beautiful as the first kiss.

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6. Little hands create space for more

The first touch is an important step towards more, whether in a relationship or just a physical connection. It opens the door, so to speak, to everything that comes after. If we notice that we can not only smell the other person, like his gestures and facial expressions and what he says, feels and thinks, then touching the hands is a first check whether you are also physically comfortable. Once this first contact has happened and both are comfortable, it is usually the beginning of a more intimate relationship. It all starts with holding hands, so to speak.

7. Holding hands can even be erotic

And whoever thinks holding hands is cheesy and uptight and only for children: Wrong. Because our hands are incredibly sensitive and react to the lightest touch. And yes, hands are also erogenous zones. If you take the other's hand, you can do more than just make your heart pound. Try it out, stroke each other's palms, touch his fingertips with yours - here are an infinite number of nerve endings that make every touch exciting.

8. Everything goes better hand in hand

When someone holds our hand, we are braver, braver, more confident, and calmer. Be it when someone holds our hand, when we cannot sleep at night, when we have to walk through the dark alone in the evening or when we are trembling with test anxiety. If a loved one takes our hand, it is as if the strength and calm of the other flow over to us.

9. Holding hands doesn't need performance

Holding the beautiful by the hands? There is no how to. We don't have to learn anything, and we don't have to be better than the person who held the hand of our favorite person before. Ultimately, you can't go wrong. And if you are afraid of sweaty hands, you should think about what is more important to you: This wonderful way of closeness and belonging together or that little bit of moisture in the palm of your hand.

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