How can I migrate to Slovakia

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Entry & stay in Slovakia

Current information on residence, emigration and activities abroad by German citizens in Slovakia can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Administration (BVA).

Click here for the BVA website

The consular section of the Slovak Embassy in Berlin also provides information on this topic.

Information from the German Embassy in Pressburg on entering and staying in Slovakia


German citizens need a valid identity card, passport or children's passport to enter Slovakia (temporary identity card and passport are recognized).


The following obligations exist during your stay in Slovakia, depending on the length of time:

1. Obligation to report / information

German and other EU nationals are also fundamentally obliged to register with the police at their place of residence within 10 days of entering Slovakia and thus to inform them about their stay, unless the hotel etc. has already done this.

2. Obligation to register for stays of more than 90 days

As a German citizen, you can stay in Slovakia for more than 90 days, e.g. to be employed or self-employed, to attend school or university, or if you have sufficient financial means for your stay and have health insurance. Under certain conditions, the right of residence can be retained after one of these requirements has ceased to exist. For more information, please contact the Slovak immigration authority responsible for your place of residence or the local Slovak police. However, there is an obligation to register the stay with the police within 30 days after the end of the 90-day period after entry and to present the necessary documents, including an identity card or passport as well as an employment contract or certificate of study or bank statement.

You can find the addresses of the responsible police authorities here.

A Certificate issued. In addition, with proof of residence in Slovakia and two photos (3 x 3.5 cm), you can obtain a five-year residence permit (Plastic card) apply for.

A valid passport or identity card and, if necessary, the certificate of residence should always be carried with you.


Disclaimer of liability
The content of the article is based on what the embassy knew at the time of writing. The embassy does not accept any liability for the content. The embassy is not authorized to provide information on Slovak law. This can only be obtained from the competent Slovak authorities.

IOM - Migration Information Center

The center helps foreigners living in Slovakia to integrate into the labor market and into society. There is information on registration, social security, job opportunities, health, housing, business, etc.

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Study in Slovakia

Slovak Academic Information Agency (SAIA)

SAIA is an independent information agency on studying and research in Slovakia. Your online database enables a wide variety of target groups to search for scholarships and funding opportunities for stays abroad and language courses.

Click here for the website (in English)

National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic (NŠP)

On the website of the NŠP you can find information about the program, its conditions of participation and other valuable information for the application. It is aimed at students, doctoral candidates, university professors, researchers and artists.

Click here for the website (in English)