Hiring Amazon drivers

Deliveries from Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics is Amazon's delivery service.

Tip: Emergency helpline:

Safety is our number one priority. Most deliveries arrive without any problems. We are ready to assist you in an emergency with Amazon Logistics drivers. If you witness or are involved in a serious traffic accident with a driver:

  1. Take care of your own safety.
  2. Call the emergency services on 112.
  3. Report the incident to Amazon +49 800 5052835for immediate assistance.

Information for shipping

If no one is found at the address during delivery, Amazon Logistics will deliver the package via your mailbox. Alternatively, we can deliver it to your neighbor or leave the package in a safe place. You can choose a preferred neighbor when ordering.

If a safe location is not available or delivery requires someone to be present, we will email you. We make three delivery attempts on consecutive days. If the third attempt is unsuccessful, we will hold your package for 72 hours pending delivery instructions. After 72 hours we will issue a refund.

If the shipment tracking shows your shipment has been delivered but you have not received it, please check whether the shipment has been left in the mailbox or in a protected storage location, or whether a neighbor has accepted the shipment.

If you still can't find your package, contact us.

Delivery instructions

To instruct the driver to hand your delivery to a receptionist, security guard, or neighbor, go to My Orders. Choose your order, Track delivery and the option Save shipping settings out. If another delivery is possible for your shipment, you can also change the delivery day there.

Email notifications

We'll email you when your order ships. You can also sign up for SMS notifications for specific shipping problems.

Customer service

Contact us to postpone a delivery or to ask questions about the delivery.