Bradshaw is a Jewish surname

My first column.

I feel like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Just without sex and without New York. For that in Vienna. Vienna is great, but as an Austrian you like to complain about everything.

By Leonie-Rachel Soyel

You can't imagine how difficult it is right now. You know, you have a thousand ideas that you won't write about when you get the chance, and then nothing comes out of you. Since you don't know me yet, I thought I'd start with a little introductory text. So that no misunderstandings arise, I have answered the five most annoying questions that I am usually confronted with ...

How do you pronounce your middle name?
I know it's hard. Thanks to the Friends series, everyone believes that the name should be pronounced in English, but it is much more the same pronunciation as "Vengeance" - Rachel. So easy and yet so difficult. I don't even start from my last name, because you don't want to know what I had to hear in the course of this.

Where are you from
This “actually” bothers me the most. I come from Vienna, Austria, Europe. This is usually followed by the glorious sentence: “You don't look like that.” And then I keep asking myself: How should I look? Blonde, blue-eyed, or maybe with purple dots? I realize that my name is not commonplace is that I might not look particularly “Austrian” to some, and I'll be the last person who isn't proud of my roots, but unfortunately I all too often realize how important it is to be able to pigeonhole someone. When I say that my father is from Cyprus, the next question is: “Turk or Greek?”. I don't even know all of them. Grandma (on my mother's side) from France, great-grandmother grew up in Vienna, but also originally from somewhere else. My father's family - a few centuries ago they were traders in Venice who fled before the persecution of the Jews had to marry. How do I know so much about my past? My grandparents didn't think much of fairy tales and therefore always told me family stories. My grandma said that life is educational enough and that there are no princes on white horses.

Do you actually work
Apparently I seem too happy to people that they keep asking me this question. I work for a social media agency and then there would be my blog, so basically it's 50/50. And I enjoy my work so much that I seem like someone on permanent vacation. Or maybe some just don't take blogging work that seriously. And no, I am not selling my soul for free samples. But you will read about blogs and money another time from me.

Did you even study?
Haha. Yes I have. Fashion design, to be precise. The path I went after is a different one. Still, nothing will spark my heart like fashion. I love the story, the fabrics, the cuts and even the fashion weeks. The hype and the fall, for me a very exciting topic that has so much more to offer than pure shopping pleasure. Because there is so much in the context of fashion.

Can you help me with my wardrobe Go shopping with me?
Mh, a question that men often ask me. So far I don't know - is this about a new type of “date request”? Is shopping the new DVD watching? I hate shopping. Yes, this sentence from a fashion blogger. I love fashion, but in my opinion it has little to do with shopping and more to do with art. And for me, standing at H&M is not an art, but a necessity when I run out of shirts because you didn't have time to wash my clothes.