Who developed and designed the Nike Flyknit process

Unleash your full speed: The Nike Mercurial Superfly V

If we have one about the Mercurial Superfly V know then that it was built for speed. Two years ago, Nike took speed to a new level and today they unleash the player's full speed potential with the new Mercurial Superfly V. The way they did it is simple, every single component of the shoe has been designed to do what you want Worrying result: speed.

"Our approach with the new Mercurial was to challenge all notions of speed by combining science with design to create the fastest shoe in football." says Nike Football Design Lead Jeongwoo Lee. "We designed this shoe holistically to make sure it was all about speed, with all materials interlocking to create the most efficient package possible."

One of the critical elements to achieve their goal was the development of a new anatomical sole. This new Nike sole is modeled after the natural shape of the foot and the construction eliminates the space that previously existed between the underfoot, so that the foot moves with the shoe and not against it. "The physiotherapists we worked with believe that this will reduce irritation at the pressure points and unwanted movements in the shoe, so that maximum energy return occurs during the game at high speed." says Lee.

The new Mercurial Superfly V won't be available until early June.

In addition to the newly formed sole, Nike was also able to develop a single-layer chassis, making the sole 40% lighter than the carbon fiber sole it is replacing. Nevertheless, the design team made the sole even stronger and more appealing.