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Superhuman strength, impenetrable skin, extremely fast healing



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Luke Cage has, just like Jessica Jones, superhumanly strong powers and extremely fast self-healing. Its skin is almost impermeable, even cannonballs cannot penetrate it.

Biography Edit source]

Childhood and adolescence Edit source]

Luke, real name Carl Lucas, was born to James and Etta Lucas. James was an influential priest in Savannah, Georgia. Etta thought for a long time that she was sterile and when Carl was finally born, he was considered a "miracle baby". James previously had an illegitimate son, Willis Stryker, with his secretary, but never wanted to publicly acknowledge that. Luke and Stryker grew up together as best friends and Luke never found out about their relatives, while Carl developed a growing hatred of his biological father.

As a teenager, Willis taught Luke boxing after being attacked and beaten up by a stranger one night. After his training, Luke found the attacker and defeated him. A few months later, Lucas and Stryker stole a Corvette for fun and took it for a spin. They were picked up by the police and while Luke was quickly released because his father stood up for him, Stryker went to jail. Luke was sent to the Navy and, at the end of his service, began a career in the police force.

Prison and new forces Edit source]

Luke was found innocent and sent to Seagate Prison. There he was forced to take part in illegal fights with other inmates. He eventually confided in prison psychologist Reva, who made sure that her colleague Dr. Burstein used an experimental method to save Luke's life after Shades and another inmate beat him to death. When an angry guard storms in and tries to abort the procedure, the machine gets out of control and Luke gets his superpowers. He punches a huge hole in the wall, jumps into the sea and swims to freedom. He goes to Reva and they finally get married.

Encounter with Jessica Jones [edit | Edit source]

Luke and Jessica get to know each other at the counter of Luke's bar. Luke is immediately interested in her, but he has no idea of ​​Jessica's terrible secret: Under Kilgrave's control, she killed his wife Reva. Nevertheless, Jessica quickly starts an affair with Luke, but suffers greatly from her feelings of guilt.

When Luke learns that bus driver Charles Wallace was drunk when he ran over Reva, Luke wants revenge. Jessica stops him and finally tells him the truth: that the bus accident wasn't the reason for his wife's death, but her blow on her chest.

Shortly thereafter, Luke comes under the control of Kilgrave, who is not at all enthusiastic about the romantic relationship between Luke and Jessica. He gets Luke to blow up his own bar and stand by Jessica's side again. Following Kilgrave's instructions, he makes it credible that he has forgiven her and Jessica can hardly believe her luck. When she tries to confront Kilgrave with Luke's help, she is dismayed to discover that she has been deceived all these days. Luke attacks her and a relentless fight breaks out, ending with Jessica firing a gun straight into Lukes Lukes and he passed out.

Jess rushes with him to the hospital and meets Claire Temple, who has experience with supernatural powers after her time with Daredevil. She helps the two of them and together they manage to bring Luke to Jessica's apartment, where Claire saves Luke's life through a syringe into the eye, apparently the only part of the body that the needle can penetrate. When he later wakes up and Claire tells him what happened, he rushes out of the apartment.

Marvel's The Defenders Edit source]

In the first episode of the series, Luke is released from jail and immediately meets with Claire - apparently they haven't changed romantic feelings for each other during the jail break. But soon Misty stands in front of the door and asks Luke for help. He agrees and runs into the other Defenders when he investigates why so many young men in Harlem are suddenly making quick money and soon afterwards die under mysterious circumstances.

When Luke meets Jessica, the two seem to have left the conflicts of the past behind and are friendly and familiar, even if they haven't had any contact since the drama with Kilgrave.

Powers & Personality Edit source]

He is superhumanly strong and also has impenetrable skin. He also recovers from injuries and wounds much faster than normal people.

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Comics Edit source]

  • In the comics, Luke has a relationship with Claire Temple but later marries Jessica Jones. In the comics, he even fathered a child with Jessica and married her.

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