How do airfares fluctuate

Fly cheaply

Fly cheap - how are you doing right?

Flying cheaply can contribute enormously to the anticipation of the trip. However, in order to be able to fly cheaply, several factors have to be considered. There are many different ways to book cheap flights and the range of booking platforms is huge, but you quickly lose track of things. If you research the Internet, you will find tips on favorable booking times, days and algorithms. But what do you really have to pay attention to? And when is the best way to fly cheaply? You can find the answers to these questions here.

Booking periods for cheap flights

Airfares can often fluctuate widely and vary in price. Analyzes on this have shown varied results. You should fly cheaply with a departure airport in Germany with a booking about 9 weeks before the start of the trip. Deviations of plus minus one week don't make a big difference here.

For long haul flights, there may be different ways to fly cheaply. Here you can find very little fluctuating flight prices between week 25 and 14 before departure, but also get a bargain two weeks before departure.

Either way, you should always book your trips at the beginning of the year, as January and February should generally be the cheapest. If your travel plans come to the end of the year, bet on November. Because even then you can usually benefit from lower flight prices, since it is outside the main season and there are fewer tourists.

Early versus last-minute - what is more worthwhile to be able to fly cheaply?

The first question that many people ask is whether you should book early or wait for last-minute offers. There are sometimes great offers with a good price, but you shouldn't really rely on them. Last minute ads aren't as common as they used to be. So you would take a high risk of costs if you wait too long to book.

Therefore, you should better plan ahead - you are almost always on the safe side here. The airlines and travel platforms usually adjust the price according to the strength of the demand, which can mean that you have reached the peak of demand for short-term bookings and the prices are correspondingly more expensive. According to a rule of thumb, the prices are most attractive if you book about 6 weeks in advance. For long-haul flights, you should start getting an overview of the prices even sooner.

Flexibility is easy on the wallet - cheap flying made easy!

Flying cheaply is a consequence of flexibility. Many analyzes have already shown that you shouldn't be limited to fixed dates when booking a flight. This will save you from unnecessarily high flight prices, but you can usually tackle a similar travel period. Simply enter several days when searching for arrival and departure so that the portal can find the cheapest days for you.

A little tip: Many travel platforms now also offer the so-called 'savings calendar'. With it you can display the cheapest prices for the whole month without unnecessary detours and fly cheaply with little effort!

Fly cheaply outside of school holidays

In the school holidays, which are usually unanimous with the main seasons, the airfares are the most expensive and cheap flights can be forgotten for now. But it is easy to find a compromise here. In many countries, months like April or May are already blessed with good weather and are ideal for vacation trips. This will often save you a lot of money and avoid overcrowded cities and hotels at the same time. It can also help if you are leaving from another federal state in which the holidays have not yet started. Also pay attention to public holidays both in Germany and in the country of your travel destination. So you can fly cheaply and save a lot of money without having to compromise on the quality of your travel!

Fly cheap with flight search engines

The best and fastest way to fly cheaply are flight search engines, i.e. websites that focus exclusively on short-haul and long-haul flights. These are perfect for planning air travel and comparing the cheapest offers with each other, as they search all platforms and websites of the airlines to find the cheapest offer. You can also set filters for the number of changes, price category, class selection, travel times and flexibility, which helps you to combine cheap flying with the least amount of time.

Spoiled for choice: cheap flights with or without luggage?

In Europe, it is usually easier to do without large pieces of luggage and only fly with hand luggage. It looks different with long-haul flights, as you often stay longer in the country. The information about luggage is often hidden in flight search engines, so you should be particularly careful here. The fees for booking luggage afterwards are usually very high and should be avoided. Therefore, always check which luggage options are included before buying the flight tickets. In this way, you avoid unpleasant surprises when flying supposedly cheap.

Fly cheaply with miles earned

Many airlines use bonus programs to lure long-term loyal customers with lower flight prices or rewards. As soon as you fly regularly, whether for business or pleasure, earning miles pays off for you. So you can accumulate credit with every additional flight and, for example, book an upgrade or even fly for free. There are also credit cards with which you can not only collect miles and fly cheaply with the purchase of flight tickets, but now also credit purchases from “Apple” or “Amazon” in the form of miles. Such programs are worthwhile in any case and help you to fly cheaply without much effort!

Influence of the departure radius

If you also include nearby airports when looking for cheap flights, you can save a lot of money. This applies to both the starting point and the destination. A short research can definitely be worthwhile, as not every airport offers the same prices for the flight ticket. In addition, there can sometimes be more advantageous periods of time for flying, with which you can save time and money either when changing planes or when departing and arriving. So being able to fly cheaply can cost you a few more hours of research, but in the end it is always worth it!