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Hi Guys,

Can you recommend me a good book for studying chemistry (1-2 semesters). I have the book Basic Knowledge Chemistry Mortimer, but somehow the calculations in this book are not explained in sufficient detail. I need a book that explains the chemical calculations and certain topics in a simple and detailed manner. I thank you in advance

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The important thing about books is how well you get on with them. Go to the library and look at a few books and test how well you understand the content. You then decide which one you want to use in the future.

What I can recommend to you are:

Organic Chemistry: Organic Chemistry; Clayden (2nd edition) or just in German (top recommendation from me).

Inorganic Chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry; Riedel / Janiak, Inorganische Chemie, Huheey, Especially for non-metal chemistry: Non-metal chemistry C. Janiak, for organometallic chemistry: Organometallic chemistry; Elschenbroich,

Physical chemistry: Physical chemistry; Atkins (English version is better than German and cheaper;))

For analysis: Spectroscopic methods in organic chemistry; M. Hesse, H. Meier, B. Zeeh.

As a pure reference work (e.g. Inorganik) of the Holleman Wiberg (is very thick and costs a lot, prefer to borrow it at the university or see whether the university is digitally available.)

For basics: basic knowledge of chemistry; Brown, LeMay.

I hope that this can help you and is not too overwhelming :)


Chemistry student

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