How can I be an intelligence officer


A secret service or intelligence service works for the state. Its purpose is to provide information to the government. Often these things are difficult to find out. The people who work for such a service are called agents or spies.

There can be several secret services in one state. For example, someone should watch out for dangerous people in their own country. Another sends agents to other countries to find out something there. Some services only collect information. Other services are allowed to arrest suspects, have something broken or even kill people.

Agents sometimes do things that are prohibited or that you find indecent. They steal, break in or gain the trust of other people. Their work can also be dangerous: if you get caught doing something prohibited in another country, you will be severely punished.

But for many people it sounds exciting what secret agents do. They think of the great adventure and of protecting your own country. Secret agents are therefore often the heroes in novels and films. James Bond, for example, is one such made-up secret agent.

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