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Current information on self-insurance in health insurance, costs, start of insurance, etc.

General information

People who do not have health insurance and whose place of residence is in Austria can take out health insurance themselves.

For students and marginal part-time employees who want to take out health insurance for themselves, special regulations apply.


Persons who were most recently insured under the Commercial Social Insurance Act (GSVG), the Farmer Social Insurance Act (BSVG) or with a statutory pension scheme created as a compulsory insurance scheme by a statutory professional representative can only apply for it 60 months after the end of this insurance Insure yourself with the Austrian Health Insurance Fund. However, there is the possibility of continued insurance in the health insurance with the insurance with which the compulsory insurance last existed.

Exception: People who last received a Orphan's pension according to the GSVG or BSVG, or as Relatives also insured can insure themselves immediately after the end of this insurance in the health insurance under the ASVG.

The application must be submitted to the Austrian Health Insurance Fund.

Self-insurance in health insurance gives you the right to benefits in kind (medical help, care in a hospital, medication). However, there is no entitlement to cash benefits such as weekly or sick pay.


The contribution for self-insurance in health insurance is 454.86 euros per month (value for 2021). If the applicant's financial situation is strained, there is the possibility of a Request for a discount to ask this post.

If this application is made at the same time as the application for self-insurance, a discount be effective from the first contribution to be paid. If the application is made later, the reduction only applies for the following month.

Start of insurance

If the application for self-insurance in health insurance is submitted within six weeks after the end of the insurance or co-insurance, self-insurance begins immediately after the end of the previous insurance. In all other cases, self-insurance begins on the day following the application.

Start of entitlement to benefits


The right to medical help, remedies, care in a hospital and other benefits in kind only exists after six months (so-called waiting period).

Exception: Was the applicant

  • immediately before the application is submitted six weeks or
  • 26 weeks in the last 12 months

insured or insured under the ASVG or the B-KUVG, the insured person and his / her relatives are entitled to benefits in kind immediately.

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