Truth can be realized through thought

Thought Power and Practical Idealism II

Wash off the lower thoughts with the help of higher thoughts, and when the washing is done, do not cling to either. The current state of your experience is due to thinking, feeling and acting in countless previous lives. Without a continued process of thinking and practicing, it is not easy to get rid of.
The thought is the ancestor of the action. If the actions are to get better, then the thoughts must be purified.
Begin to firmly believe in your possibilities and your own efforts. One can determine one's fate through the power of thought.
Just as clouds are the main cause of rain, so mind control is the source of lasting prosperity. You are your own friend and your own enemy. If one does not save oneself by cultivating good thoughts, there is no help at all.
The spirit is the only creator. Everything is created by the spirit.
He is absolutely free to create his own world. Wherever the mind is considered to be the creator of external things, it must be recognized as a cosmic mind and a part of Ishvara Srishti.
When the mind is related to psychological functions such as love, hate, etc., it is to be seen as an individual mind and as part of Jiva Srishti, oh human! The true God lives in your heart, and the only way to worship the true God who is in the temple of your body is through your sublime thoughts. End the psychological functions of the mind and appreciate only sublime thoughts.
The nature of things around you is what you think they are. Your life is the way you shape it through your thoughts. Thoughts are the bricks with which the building of personality was built. The thought determines the fate. The world around you is the reflex of thoughts.
One experiences according to thinking. The idea ruins you. You have become shy because you have thoughts of fear. Don't let the imagination run wild. Things only affect you to the extent that you think about them. The mind sees value only in what it believes in intensely. Although everyone sees the same thing, everyone gives it a different value. One thinks according to one's mental inclination.
Thought is a creative instrument and man becomes what he thinks of. The character is formed by the thought. You were born with what you thought of, and your current character is an indication of previous thoughts. You create your future only through your thoughts; if you think nobly, you behave nobly. If you think low, you will not be changed by any environment. This is how thoughts and actions are related. Be vigilant and allow only good thoughts in the spiritual field.
Everyone has a different conception of duty, worth, pleasure, and liberation depending on their different beliefs. One strives for one's own ideal.
You act according to the thoughts and beliefs that you have had for a long time about attaining the object of your desire.
Do not let the mind become denser and denser by letting it get stuck in gross forms. Follow the process of reduction by cultivating virtuous thoughts.
The current life has three aspects, physical, mental and spiritual. One is very attached to the physical aspect. Rise above physical sensations and other cravings by nurturing the thought that you are not just the body and that you are only briefly in the temple of the body. Stand above mental stimuli. Subjective action takes place in the world of thought. Send out a steady stream of thoughts and benevolence to all of creation. The energizing motive behind every thought must be service and kindness.
Tricks, tricks and street wisdom are used in many areas of life. However, there is one almighty law that will destroy all your tricky thoughts and tricks. Do not try to evade this law. It forces everyone to stand for what they are. Your thoughts speak from your character, not from your words. Don't try to create an artificial personality. Be honest and pure in your thoughts.
The flow of thoughts goes both ways. When he focuses on the good, he stands for purity and knowledge. If it is directed towards the vortex of being, goes down, to indistinctness, then it flows towards evil. The ability to think peaks in the light when it acts according to ethical rules.
You are the center of individual will, individual thinking and individual feeling. The enchantment through time and place presents heavenly scenes that disappear like optical illusions. One is repeatedly taken for the best by them; and so the breast is torn with sighs, and discernment is dried with the fire of knowledge. The spiritual goal is in front of you. How quickly or how slowly you approach it depends on your thoughts.
Stay with your higher thoughts. In this way you will achieve the goal that has been bought at the price of many failures. Don't look for personal intent and honor. Death will not reach you easily if you do not wear the collar of vicious thoughts on your chest.
The bliss that grows from spiritual discipline also exceeds the wealth of the three worlds, the possession of all jewels or the acquisition of a high office.
The mind is omnipotent. He is capable of anything. The idea cherished in the mind then makes things happen. Everything that the mind thinks intensely eventually materializes and is carried out.
Thought has a creative power. He can let things arise of themselves. He is the only one who creates. Nothing can ever be created or recreated except by the mind. Thought is the stuff things are made of.
All matter is nothing other than a materialization of consciousness. No other being is responsible for what one attains, since everything is a consequence of thoughts. The cause of everything that happens to you in life lies in you. No other force can favor you if you do not deserve it. Everything you get from others is the result of your thoughts and efforts. There is nothing in the world that is out of reach when thoughts flow in the right direction. One must not become a pessimist or a misanthropist.
The creative power is the privilege of every spirit. Our own ambition-led endeavors are the weft and the chain of fate. Do not let your mind be distracted by nurturing weak thoughts.
A superficial mind cannot gain depth and insight. Control the wandering mind by maintaining a unified flow of thoughts. Everything you think about intensely will come sooner or later, according to the effort you make to achieve it.
Spatial expansion and duration are related to thoughts and emotions. One has the experience according to thinking. If you think of a moment as a long duration, that is how it is experienced and vice versa. The same period of time is felt to be long when one is in trouble and a short moment when one is happy.
The power of thoughts enables intense thoughts to perceive sweet as bitter and vice versa. Poison can be turned into nectar. Think of Mira. She turned poison into nectar with the intensity of her thoughts.
You are surrounded by antagonistic forces. But if there are no antagonistic thoughts within you, you can easily give a blessing for a curse. So all antagonistic forces can be controlled. Fight hard and control the unwanted mental torrent.
The world around you is nothing more than what you think it is. Your perception is colored with thoughts. The mind sees things and continues to perceive them as it imagines them with full faith. Penetrate the steel armor of lower thoughts and try to see the divine in every thing.
It is only through the thought that one succumbs to deception, experiences birth and death, is bound in the world and is freed from it. Every state of happiness or sorrow in heaven or hell is an effect of thoughts. Sooner or later in this life or in a future life, all the thoughts that arise will come to fruition. Therefore, distinguish well.
The present state has been brought about by thought. The present state can be changed by thoughts. If you think you are separate from the Absolute, then you are. If you think you are Brahman, then you are. You limit yourself by your thoughts. With every divine thought, the spirit tears the thin crust of the visible and the limited and steps out into eternity, but most of the time one does not pay any attention to the spiritual factory.