Can I ask for legal advice

Why can't legal advice over the phone be free?

Very often we find questions on the Internet from people who seem to free legal advice, free legal hotlines or look for similar services for Lau. At the beginning of this article I would like to explain to you why there cannot be free legal advice.

First of all, it should be mentioned as an argument that lawyers are subject to a fee ordinance (the RVG), which stipulates how much they are allowed to charge at least and at most for which activity in the context of their legal work. In addition, lawyers may also settle fees in judicial disputes or on the basis of a lump sum (only for out-of-court disputes) on the basis of a fee to be agreed in advance.

These billing modalities already show that free legal advice is not even possible for the lawyer, because the lawyer is legally obliged to take money.

Surely some say now:

"That's not true, I know lawyers who give you free advice."

This is certainly not wrong, but these cases are usually one free initial consultationwhich cannot be compared with holistic legal advice. In addition, every lawyer is sure to find ways and means within a certain framework of initially offering legal advice free of charge. Ultimately, however, every lawyer is also an entrepreneur who has to live on something at the end of the month and therefore cannot and will not offer free advice during his entire working hours (unless he has won the lottery and / or has a particularly social streak).