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Catering ABC: the little guide from aveato

Tips and tricks for your successful celebration - the catering guide

If you are planning a big celebration as a host, there is a lot to consider when it comes to the perfect event. Have you chosen the right location? Does the room concept match any motto that may have been set? What about the lighting and what access and parking options are available to your guests? Our small catering guide should give you a little guidance and help with important things related to your event.

For you and your guests or customers, an event is not only an excellent opportunity for networking, but also your very own personal business card. It is all the more important that you ensure perfect service and an all-round carefree package on your big day and show your guests how much you value them. But how do you actually find the perfect catering service and what should today's modern caterers do?

As a perfect host, you take care of your guests, have a cultivated conversation, pay attention to non-verbal signals and the well-being of those present. Of course, you also want to enjoy the evening yourself and not have to worry about getting food and drinks all the time. In order to be able to devote full attention to your guests, it is advisable to hire a catering service that takes care of the physical well-being of those present.

In the following blog post we would like to bring you closer to where the term “catering” actually comes from and provide you with valuable tips and information on how to make your event a perfect success.

Origin of the word catering: what is that anyway?

"To cater", like so many of our Germanized terms, comes from English and means, in analogy, "to deliver with food". However, the term does not only include the pure delivery of food or drinks, the special aspect is the professionalism of the provider, the delivery of food as a service at a location of your choice.

When choosing a catering service, be sure to pay attention to the services offered, because today's modern caterer usually not only includes the delivery of food and drinks, but also the complete takeover of a mobile catering business on site. In most cases you can discuss the desired services directly with the catering service of your choice and negotiate certain formalities.

Forms of catering

In today's world, catering is not just catering, which is why you should pay very close attention to what services you actually expect for your celebration and what the catering companies in your area are offering. Often it is also worthwhile to have different offers made for the same conditions and to compare them afterwards.

Basically, one differentiates between the following types of catering:

Care catering

So-called care catering has a strong social influence and describes the delivery of food to senior citizens' residences or hospitals.

Education catering

One speaks of education catering as soon as the catering service regularly supplies schools or universities.

Transport catering

This form of catering describes the feeding of passengers on air and long-distance trains.

Business and company catering

Most large companies have their own company canteen for their employees, which is usually supplied by a local restaurateur. This is then the characteristic of company or business catering. The generic term business catering also includes the segments office & meeting catering and trade fair & conference catering.

Party service

The difference between the classic party service and an event catering service lies in the scope of services. If you are planning a rather casual celebration with the family and your party has a more private setting with pizza, soup and sandwiches, then you are usually more likely to order a party service.

Event catering

Event catering is, so to speak, the premier class of catering service. It is not uncommon for caterers in this segment to be very professional and, in addition to high-quality dishes, also have to provide excellent services such as waiter service and the catering concept. Event caterers across Germany often have to complete orders at the same time. For this it is usually necessary that the caterer is on site at several locations with their own kitchens. The caterer aveato has a specialized roadshow catering team that can fall back on 7 of its own kitchens.

The service provider - which equipment & table top does your caterer offer?

When choosing the right catering service, in addition to the tasting and choice of dishes, the equipment of the catering service is at least as important. At this point you should know exactly what you are looking for and how your location is equipped. Is there a kitchen? Are there buffet tables and cutlery? If not, you have to agree with your chosen caterer that he will bring equipment with him.

This can be anything from seating and bar tables to table linen to glasses, crockery and cutlery. At most companies you can also request an offer for decoration and mobile technology elements such as sound systems, refrigerators, dispensing systems, cables and amplifiers. It almost goes without saying that most caterers provide a service for warming containers and serving bowls. However, asking questions does not hurt in case of doubt.

Which dishes can you order from the catering service?

Choosing the right dishes for your guests and your event makes a very special statement. So here you have to weigh carefully what you want to serve and in what form. In most catering establishments, you can usually choose between the following menu types:

The buffet

In the catering environment, the buffet is not the same as a buffet. You can usually choose whether you prefer your buffet in the classic variant or a flying buffet variant. If your celebration is not that formal, then a classic buffet can be a very good option to not only offer your guests a good selection, but also to ensure that everyone can eat when they want.

The flying buffet is usually chosen when the party is supposed to be a bit more dignified and when many top-class guests have been invited. With this type of buffet, waiters walk through the rows and mostly serve small delicacies and snacks from stylish trays. You “fly” around the room with the food, which is why this variation is called the “flying buffet”.

Finger food

Space is often limited, especially at many business events or receptions that take place in a foyer, etc. Here, the finger food variant is particularly suitable for providing your guests with food, as many small items are usually served that can be easily and neatly eaten out of the hand with the fingers.

Front cooking

If you want to offer your guests something very special, then have someone come along to include front cooking in their concept. Here your guests have the opportunity to have their favorite dish prepared right in front of you at a fresh food stand. Front cooking is a popular presentation variant, for example for summer parties and Christmas parties.

Set menu

If your celebration is to be a bit more dignified and really festive, then it is best to opt for the set menu variant. This form is a very classic sequence of dishes in which your guests are served at the table. Usually the set menu is also the most expensive variant of the catering options.

How do you choose the right service?

Which caterer you want to book depends first and foremost on your personal preferences. In addition to good service and good products, you should make sure that you feel comfortable in the presence of the caterer and that the caterer gives you a good feeling for price and performance.

Read some experience reports in advance about the caterers that are shortlisted and ask friends or acquaintances who may have already had experience with the service you have selected. Take a look at the impressions and the customer list of the catering company.

Awards and prizes that the caterer has won can always be a good indicator of the right catering service. Does he only use regional and seasonal products? Has he been recognized for his good service? Does the caterer work in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way? Does the selected catering company have an accommodating cancellation rule? All of these can be clues that your caterer has a very special USP and that you have made the right choice!

Choosing the right catering service is just as difficult as choosing the right location. It is best to rely on your gut instinct and experience gained - if you have a good feeling and maybe even tasted the meal beforehand, then you usually can't go wrong.

We at aveato will be happy to advise you and if you already know everything, then simply order your next catering online.