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The right tree ...

Trees are a powerful design element, important oxygen producers and very effective air filters. Therefore, large greenery is also indispensable in the home garden if you want to create a cozy atmosphere. But the right tree has to be found.
Many builders go out to buy their house tree. You look around the hardware store, garden center or tree nursery, browse through a few catalogs and have found "the" tree that would look really good there in the corner next to the house:

In the ideal case it is already as big as possible, grows very quickly, but only to just under the gutter and then please no more!

You noticed. I mockingly exaggerated the general customer requests. Such wishes could not be fulfilled at all, at least not with living trees.

How to find the right tree

  • Should the tree be a source of shade on the garden terrace or should it be a room creator with a loosely airy crown in the lawn? Clarify where the tree should be and what purpose it should serve. The right tree in the wrong place would only stand for a few years.
  • The trees are usually well described in the catalogs - including the average height, crown width, special properties, etc. Take the meter to hand and measure where the tree should be in order not to endanger the house in 20 or 30 years or to make the garage entrance impassable by the pressure of the roots.
  • Also, be aware that a tree bears seeds (important for people allergic to pollen), sheds fruits and leaves. Who that Foliage on the planting areas mulched or composted, it will not perceive it as annoying "dirt", but as best humus base. If in doubt, seek help from a specialist company. Landscape gardeners, tree nurseries and of course arborists can certainly suggest a good selection on site that is well suited in terms of design and growth.
  • The Expert has the experience and the feeling of how which species will develop at the location and whether the soil is suitable for it. He will make suggestions so that you can find the right tree. The possible additional costs of the specialist companies and a consultation hour from the specialist save you later possibly thousands of euros for damage repair and felling.
  • So don't skimp on quality and advice, but rather on the size of the plants. The younger a tree is planted, the better it can adapt to the particular site conditions. The growth success is better than with larger specimens and the prices rise considerably with growing trunk size.

Large-crowned trees over 15m high

Large-crowned trees are suitable for parks, as roadside greenery or in public green spaces. The list is only a small excerpt, without the many subspecies and new varieties ...

Medium-sized deciduous trees up to 15m high

The medium-sized deciduous trees are really interesting for larger gardens and open spaces. You give your garden Character and charm. But they must also be allowed to grow freely. So it is better to choose smaller species instead of cutting large trees down over and over again. Here, too, only a small selection from the huge range of possible species, subspecies and varieties ...

Small-crowned deciduous trees up to 10m high

Small trees and large shrubs: There should also be space for this in the small garden. The right tree for terraced house gardens. There are pleasant shade providers on the terrace or business cards in the larger front garden. They give the garden a personal touch ...