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Medical foot care can be prescribed for additional indications

Berlin - The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) has ended a year-long discussion on the regulation of podiatry and has included medical foot care for other indications in the catalog of services of the statutory health insurance (GKV).

According to the G-BA, it should not only be possible to prescribe appropriate therapies for diabetic foot syndrome, but also for damage to the skin and toenails that are comparable to diabetic foot syndrome.

"Correctly performed corneal ablation and nail processing should avoid consequential damage such as inflammation, which in the worst case could lead to an amputation of the foot," explained Monika Lelgemann, impartial member of the G-BA and chairman of the subcommittee on arranged services.

Podiatry should also be able to be prescribed for sensory disorders or circulatory disorders (macro-, microangiopathy, neuropathy, angioneuropathy). According to the Medicines and Aids Directive, medicinal products can be prescribed by contract doctors and by hospitals in the course of discharge management.

It is still unclear how many patients will benefit from the new regulation, which is expected to come into force in the middle of the year. "In the years to come, we will have to observe everyday prescription procedures to see how many people are now receiving podiatry therapy," said Josef Hecken, the impartial chairman.

In the expert hearing to review the Medical Aids Directive, very different information was given as to how many patients need this service.

Originally, the patient representative submitted an application in mid-2018 that the therapeutic products directive and the medicinal product catalog for the prescription of podiatry therapies should be reviewed. According to the original plan, the G-BA had intended to take the decision in May 2021 at the earliest. The deliberations were now concluded over a year earlier. © bee / aerzteblatt.de