Serge Gainsbourg is still popular in France

The new French music scene

Even if the "standards" of the French chansons (Edith Piaf and "La vie en rose", Claude François and "Comme d’habitude", Charles Trenet and “La mer”) are still very popular: the succession is assured. If Chanson, rap, electro, rock or world music - French music is also enjoying excellent health on the international stage.

Electronic music from France

The album "Boulevard" by Ludovic Navarre (Artist name: St.Germain) represents the first real success of French electronic music outside of France. The English press even chooses it as the best album of 1995. Two years later, the group ennobled Daft punk French electronic music finally, by releasing the studio album “Homework” with the world hits “Around the World”, “Alive” and “Da Funk”. As the success of their last album "Random" shows, the group has remained the epitome of French touch music around the world to this day.

The group Gotan Project, which combines tango and electronic music, also celebrated a huge success with their first album "Revancha del Tango" - just like the duo Justice, which was released in 2007 with the album Cross and the Singel D.A.N.C.E. has become internationally known. The phenomenal one is even more up-to-date David Guetta with his hits, that of the Black eyed pies composed "I Gotta Feeling" and that of Akon written "Sexy Bitch" conquered the whole world. Bump into its fairway Martin Solveig and Bob Sinclair outside the French borders also on positive feedback.

Hip-hop and rap from France

The first French hip hop record was in 1984 Paname City Rappin by Dee Nasty. Since then, many French hip-hoppers have established themselves in the scene. MC Solaar was the first rapper to win the 1992 national music award Victoire de la musique received. Rappers and crews like Booba, I AM, Supreme NTM or Sinik have sold millions of albums each and are known far beyond the French border. One of the most famous rappers is also one Maître Gimswho performs both as a solo artist and as a member of the Sexion d'Assaut group.

Pop and rock musician from France

Phoenix, a group from Versailles that was initially more popular abroad than in France, has since released their album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" (worldwide over two million sold copies) firmly under control. In 2009 Phoenix became the first French group to join the NBC show "Saturday Night Live" invited, in 2010 she appeared in Madison Square Garden in New York (with the group Daft punk in the preliminary program). Phoenix paved the way for an entire generation of French artists, often better known abroad than in France. This includes the groups Hushpuppies, Kill the Young, Tahiti 80 and M83. Behind this pseudonym hides the reserved Anthony Gonzalezwho at the first Fuji Rock Festival in Japan occurs and the first appearances of groups like Kings of Leon, The killers or Depeche Mode ensures.

Film music from France

When their album "Moon Safari" was released in 1998 and caused a sensation, the group realized Air - the name is an acronym from the terms Amour (love), Imagination (fantasy) and Rêve (dream) - the soundtrack too Sofia Coppolas first feature film, "Virgin Suicides". Alexandre Desplat is another artist who has Hollywood at his feet. 2009 supplies Aexandre Desplat the original music for the second episode of "Twilight". The track "New Moon" from this music was in the charts until 2011. His name also appears in the opening credits of the films "Moonrise Kingdom", "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" and "Days of Betrayal".

The renewal of French chanson

The french pop scene and the scene of the electronic music aren't the only ones who are popular outside of France. No matter if you sing in French or English - Ben l'Oncle Soul, Yael Naim, Yelle and others enjoy great success abroad. Behind the album "5:55" by Charlotte Gainsbourg, which also sells very well outside of the French borders Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel, the duo of the group Air. And what the singer Zaz concerns: With more than 1.8 million albums sold worldwide - including 450,000 in Germany - it is the exceptional phenomenon of 2010. Her first album with the title “Zaz” wins twice with the Platinum record excellent. In the eastern countries and Turkey, her songs, although sung entirely in French, have also met with great approval.

Other important performers of the new French chansons are Dominique A, Thomas heels, Philippe Katerine, Helena Noguerra, Emilie Simon, Coralie Clement, Sébastien Tellier and Mickey 3 D. Even those of Yann Thiersen composed film music for the film "The fabulous world of Amélie" has the current French chanson made known worldwide.

By the way: Since 1994 radio stations in France have been obliged to 30 to 40 percent of their music program with French interpreters to prove.