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Top 5 sights in Churachandpur

Churachandpur is a city in the Indian state of Manipur. This city is known locally as Lamkawhat does that meanLocation located at an intersection’. This city has deep historical significance. When the Japanese came to India from the northeast, there was a lot of bombing in this city. It was devastated. It took fifty years to rebuild this city and then it became a peaceful city in Manipur. It is a beautiful city surrounded by narrow valleys and small hills. It is 59 km from the state capitalImphal, so traveling is not a problem. It is well connected by flights, rails and roads. However, one has to travel to Imphal to catch a flight. Below are listed five of the best places of Churachandpur.

1. Khuga Dam

Khuga dam is a recently constructed dam near the city of Churachandpur. It's in the south of this city. Construction had started in 1983 but the work was ignored for many years until resumed in 2002. Finally, Sonia Gandhi inaugurated the dam in 2010. However, it has not yet reached its full capacity. This dam is 38 meters high and extends for 230 meters. People visit this dam to enjoy and enjoy the wonders of nature. In addition to being a popular tourist spot, it is also a famous picnic spot for the locals.

2. Ngaloi

Ngaloi is a small village some distance from 9 km from Churachandpur. Its original name is Ngaloimoul. This surreal village was founded in 195 by Jangkhohen Haokip. The Telsing family of the Haokip clan has lived here since they were 16 years oldth Century. It is a popular tourist attraction because of the Ngaloi waterfall. The low mountains and the green create the perfect background for the magnificent waterfall. The white foamy water that pours down the dark rocks is accompanied by the cool breeze from the mountains.

3. Tipaimukh

It's just a a few kilometers from Churachandpur.Tipaimukh is a popular place for nature lovers. This is where the Tuivai and Barak rivers meet. The name Tipaimukh comes from two words - Tipai which means river and Mukh means mouth. This beautiful scene of the confluence of rivers is complemented by the green, low-lying hills. Boating is an option here. Some people even prefer to take long walks along the banks of the river and enjoy the scenic beauty.

4. Tribal Museum

Tribal museum is a place for people who are interested in the history of this city. It gives them a detailed knowledge of the early human settlements and tribal lifestyle of the people in this region. While not a very large museum, it has a decent collection of antiques that once belonged to traditional tribal peoples. These include tribal costumes, religious accessories, cane and bamboo crafts, and many other cultural artifacts. The museum also has a large selection of ancient ornaments and weapons.

5. Tonglon Caves

The state of Manipur is known for its natural attractions as well as the caves. As many people may be aware, there are a number of historic caves that not only serve as tourist attractions but also serve as a vital link for archaeologists to retrace the history of the area. Tonglon caves are the most famous caves of Churachandpur. They are considered to be one of the best cultural and historical highlights in the city. The carvings and sculptures found in these caves give a good insight into the early settlements. The scripts and engravings found here helped many historians understand the past of Manipur.

The best time to visit Churachandpur is between October and March. This city is also an important commercial center for the state. Weaving and animal husbandry are widespread here. One must visit Churachandpur at least once in one's entire life and we are sure you would not regret it.

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