What is Augmentation Rhinoplasty

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Breast augmentation is usually preceded by a long decision-making process, sometimes through suffering, whereby there are basically two groups of patients for whom this operation is possible.

The young patients who have not been able to identify with their breasts that are too small since puberty and who opt for an augmentation (breast enlargement) with silicone implants at a very young age. You want to enjoy normal, casual social interaction without the shame of external lack.

The second group experiences a decline in mammary tissue after one or more pregnancies or after hormonal changes, with a marked change in the previous appearance. The focus here is on the desire to restore the previous volume and shape, which should be achieved as part of a breast augmentation.

During the preoperative consultation, the shape, size and position of the implant are selected according to the needs of the patient. Risk education about breast augmentation (breast enlargement) must deal intensively with the introduction of the silicone implants. Although there are now excellent implants at the highest level, the fact that a foreign body is permanently inserted must be discussed in detail with the informed patient.

During the surgical breast augmentation surgery, the silicone implants are then placed in the carefully prepared implant bed over a jointly determined skin incision. A post-operative supportive bra should help the implants to heal.

Inpatient 1-2 days / surgery time 2 h / self-payer