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Dear team of the Hofheim Animal Clinic!

Today I would like to say a special thank you, because without their highly professional work, our tomcat Max and Howy would not have grown so old with a great quality of life, and without your highly committed, professional and holistic approach, super senior cat Flix would probably no longer be alive today!

I would like to single out one situation in particular. Max, our then approx. 14-year-old red alpha male, had already been in treatment with you for a good two years because his CRF had to be correctly adjusted, including two successful dental restorations. Then we came back to you because of an ear infection which, thanks to CT, turned out to be an ear tumor that was removed immediately.

With this Max, who came to us from animal welfare with an eventful life, should finally be able to spend his old age in peace and quiet. Unfortunately, a little later a metastasis was found in a swollen lymph node. Unfortunately, due to his previous history of CRF and the various operations, conventional medical treatment was no longer an option for him. We continued to provide him with palliative support and strengthened his immune system so that he did not experience any pain.

For Flix, then an estimated 17, a world began to collapse. Max was his hero, his savior, his protector. Max was the one who had already taken him under his wing at the shelter, who gave him support and trust. The two were very, very closely related. Flix sensed that Max was about to leave. And so it came about that one day Flix began to waver. He could barely stand on his feet, always buckling away at the back. Her specialists quickly tracked down the problem: It wasn't orthopedic, but a vestibular syndrome. One with a specific cause, which could be determined by means of an MRI. Flix had a polyp in his left ear that disturbed his sense of balance. Max's ‘tumor was also in his left ear ...

A few days later, Flix was met by Dr. Kessler operates, the polyp was completely removed. Unfortunately, Flix was no longer able to stand the day after the operation. He always fell over. The team did everything to strengthen him and get him to eat again. I then visited him on the second day after the operation. He was like a pile of misery in my arms. I could intuitively feel how everything in him was just turning. While Max was preparing to leave, Flix had literally lost his footing. I promised him that I would do everything I could so that he could see Max again, so that both of them could say goodbye to each other. It was very clear that Max was in the last phase of his life. Whenever I wondered if it wasn't time to help him, he made it clear with some gesture that he wasn't ready to leave. He really wanted to say goodbye to Flix!

The next morning I called you at the clinic - they knew our situation with Max - and asked that Flix had to go home. Today. Fortunately, he was able to stand himself again that day! A little later the recall came that he could go home under these circumstances. So I picked him up in the afternoon with eight different medications for the next week and an exact plan of how he should be injected. With a crooked head and very unsteady, he went straight to Max at home. Both of them still had 24 hours together. Then Max left, self-determined as he was, with Flix and me by his side.

Flix then fought his way back into his life over the next few months! He had to learn everything again. His world was now a bit wrong. He had to learn again to eat, drink, go to the toilet, walk the stairs. Everything. He was so brave. And always positive. His neurological control with Dr. von Klopmann two weeks later was great. His reflexes were all back. Just stop with a little crooked head.

Today, almost three years later, Flix is ​​an estimated 20 years old, and you are still being treated because he also developed CRF. He regularly receives his blood pressure and values ​​from Dr. March, and we have had two kidney crises since then. His head is almost straight again.

And meanwhile Flix has become a proud head cat himself! He also had to move in with us seven months later, especially when Howy, the senior cat Howy from the Hanau animal shelter, was also a long-term patient with you in the clinic, one who was always loudly attracting attention in the entrance area and announced his visit. Howy had meowed his way into our hearts in the waiting room of the Hofheim Veterinary Clinic, along with his chronic pancreatitis and his cyst liver, which we managed to get under control together over the next three years. But this is another story…

Thank you very much for your wonderful work, for the "cat professionalism" that can be felt everywhere. My special thanks go to Dr. March, who so often pulled all the strings together and was and is our first point of contact, especially for Flix, Dr. Rupp, who carried out a total of three dental restorations at Max and Flix, all of which went very well, and Dr. Kessler for the ear surgery at Flix and the perfectly healed seam on the neck.

These and other touching stories can be found in the book "Seelenkater" ...