What are the aspects of Christian mysticism

Christian mysticism in the light of Bhakti Yoga

Christian mysticism

As part of a seminar on Bhakti Yoga, I gave this lecture about the Christian mysticism held.

Christian mysticism has a lot in common with yoga

After turning away from Christianity for many years to devote myself more to the eastern ways, I am now slowly opening up to my roots again, because after all I grew up with Christian ideas.
From my perspective of integral yoga, I can actually integrate Christian mysticism and its content into my thinking in a very different way than I was able to before. I am a universalist in my mindset anyway and think that the wise men at different times and in different cultures have just found different words for the same thing.
There is only one God or one divine but in an infinite number of forms and properties.

Lecture Bhakti Yoga and Christian Mysticism:

I hope that my contribution will do justice to the complex topic. I have already noticed some mistakes, e.g. there has not yet been a "John Paul III." ...

Further contributions to Christian mysticism from the perspective of yoga:

Some concepts of Christian mysticism

Various concepts that I used in the lecture, here again in written form.

Matthias Chapel

  • "Mystik√≥s" Greek "mysterious" ... to reveal the mystery of God.
  • "Myo" Greek "close" ... to open your eyes and go inside
  • "Unio mystica" The aim of mysticism, unity with everything, with God
  • "Contemplation" from contemplare: "look at, look at"
  • "Vita contemplativa" as a monastic ideal
  • "Cognitio Dei experimentalis" the knowledge of God from experience
  • 3 basic principles Purificatio, Illuminatio, Unio
  • via purgativa purifying the sensual plane, sweeping the temple
  • via illuminativa intellectual vision of unchangeable spiritual things
  • via unitiva Transcendence and merging with God
  • transcendence (Latin transcedere, "to step over beyond, outside of consciousness")
  • immanence (lat. immanere "to stay in", "to reside"

Quotes on Christian mysticism

"The Christian of the future will be a mystic or he will not be a Christian." Karl Rahner
"... the logical consequence of theology is mysticism!" Erich Fromm
"Mysticism is the goal of practice." Plotinus
"Ecstasy as stepping out of oneself and being lifted up to the essential ray of divine darkness." Dyonisos Aeropagita
"I and God are one"