You can repeat the 12th board test

Implementation of repeat exams

Unless otherwise stipulated, the repeat exams take place on the first two days of class of the first week of the following school year.

In the last stage of schools with a final examination, the repeat examination for at most one compulsory subject takes place at the request of the student between the assessment conference (Section 20, Paragraph 6) and the start of the written examination; a one-time repetition of these examinations is permitted at the student's request at the examination date in accordance with the first sentence and paragraph 1c.

If the start of lessons on the first two days of the school year would be impaired by holding the repeat exams or if it is expedient for other organizational reasons, such as ensuring that the repeat exams are carried out properly and in a student-oriented manner, the school forum or the school community committee can decide that the repetition examinations are to be carried out deviatingly also or only on Thursday and / or Friday of the last week of the school year. Such a resolution is subject to the resolution requirements of Section 63a (12) and Section 64 (11), fourth sentence in each case

The entire subject matter dealt with during the teaching year is examined.
Section 23 (1) SchUG and Section 22 (12) LBVO

In the event of a change of school, the repeat examination can be taken at the new school if the change of school involves a change in the type of school (e.g. from AHS to a BHS) or the school location.
Section 23 (3) SchUG

Repeat examinations can - depending on the respective subject - consist of written, oral or practical partial exams or a combination of a written and oral (the most common case!) Partial examination or a practical and oral partial examination.
Section 22 (1) LBVO

The duration of a written sub-examination is usually 50 minutes, only 100 minutes for subjects for which there was at least two or more hours of school work.
The duration of an oral partial examination is 15 to 30 minutes.
Section 22 (6) LBVO

The time of the beginning of each partial examination must be verifiably announced to the students at least two days before the day of the repeat examination. Pupils who justifiably cannot take the repeat examination (e.g. due to an illness) must be notified of a new examination date immediately after the reason for the hindrance has ceased (which must not be after November 30th!).
Section 22 (7) and (10) LBVO

A repeat examination may only be taken in one subject per day (two subjects at vocational schools).
Section 22 (8) LBVO

The assessment of the performance in the repeat examination is carried out by the teacher of the subject in question (examiner) together with a second teacher appointed by the school management (observer). If no agreement can be reached on the assessment, the school management has to decide.
Section 23 (6) SchUG

The repetition of a repeat examination is not permitted (except in the last level of general higher education schools in the event of a failure in at most one compulsory subject according to ยง 23 Paragraph 1a, last sentence SchUG)!
Section 22 (13) LBVO

Objection after the repeat examination

Even after the repeat examination, the decision that the student is not entitled to advance to the next school level can be appealed against (cf. Contradiction, the same provisions apply analogously to deadlines etc.).

But Danger (!!!): An objection made after the repeat examination can arise just refer to improper implementation or unfair performance assessment in the repeat examination and Not to another issue from the previous school year (a related objection should have been brought in after the class conference in June).

Last updated: July 16, 2018