Why isn't Illustrator responding

How do I create a pattern brush that won't distort the pattern shape?

While @Luciano is answering how to get the pattern stamped along your path, he is not answering how you want the new patterns to follow the subpaths in the way you want them to. First of all, you need to think about several paths that will go with Object → Path → Offset path ... are offset . Then remove the end caps.

TIP: It might be a good idea to create a slightly longer path than you intended so that the end is lined up the way you want.

TIP 2 : You can use the Pen tool to reverse a path if you end up with differently oriented paths.

Image 1 : Individual tracks with an offset.

Then use a pattern brush or dashed line to create a pattern on each individual path. This ensures that you get a consistent pattern. Unfortunately, and this is why I was hesitant to share, there is no foolproof way of doing these things for all corner cases. In some cases you need to do dynamic spring contraction and even then it's not what you like unless you do it manually.

Image 1 : Several evenly distributed objects along the path.

PS : Illustrator may be the wrong tool for the job.

Abdulkader Khateeb

Thank you Mr. @joojaa ... I think it will be more difficult to make the subpath with offset as we have to make a lot of designs that have the same problem and I have no idea about other programs. I prefer to make scatter brushes. Then manually fux the convergence. Think of a way to check a selection area to get a shape and remove others from the top. I mean some kind of scripts or actions ... if possible it saves me time for manual corrections


@AbdulkaderKhateeb Yes, that works. However, Illustrator is not a CAD.

Abdulkader Khateeb

Mmmm ... that's the truth ... I don't know how to thank you, Mr. @joojaa