How smart are ducks

Ducks are by no means stupid - but loud

Hibernating ducks does not present any major difficulties. Calculate a stable area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround half a square meter for each duck. More does not hurt, but a smaller stable is better at keeping you warm. It is important to keep dry straw on which the ducks sit warm. Of course, they need to have regular food and water in winter. This is also an ideal way to let children indulge in their basic rural instincts. Incidentally, the ducks also want to spend the night in the barn at other times of the year. This brings additional profit: you don't have to worry that your lawn will be empty in the morning and a frying pan elsewhere will be full.

But don't think you have to leave your ducks in the barn when it rains! Rain is as excitingly beautiful for ducks as it is for us a sunny high. By the way, ducks can find their stable again in no time. This "intelligence" may surprise you. But overcoming that magical slaughtering deadline of eight weeks means that the survivors are only now in a position to develop their mental abilities, which are definitely present in ducks.

The only disadvantage you have to reckon with with ducks: it is seldom completely silent. If you or your neighbors are sensitive to noise, you should refrain from keeping ducks. Unless you live in the country like me - with all my ducklings.