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Beer culture city of Bamberg
The true capital of beer

Bamberg, the dream city on the Regnitz, was once called a symphony in "B" - citizens, castle, baroque, pretzels and the famous beer. In fact, beer, the natural, world, adventure, culture and peace drink has its special meaning and history here.

Looking closely at Bamberg, three rivers flow through it: from the left arm of the Regnitz, from the right arm of the Regnitz and from the beer fresh from the spring. Because there are still many sources of beer here. After all, there are nine private breweries that provide good material. More breweries are concentrated in the Bamberg region than anywhere else in the world. We thank St. Laurentius - the Bamberg patron saint - for this.

In Bavaria, beer is considered to be the fifth element alongside earth, water, air and fire. After Bamberg was declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations, eyes are now on Bamberg's traditional heritage: beer!

The history of this venerable imperial, bishop, university and beer culture city has always gone hand in hand with the history of beer. In 1973 Bamberg celebrated its millennium - beer has been brewed in Bamberg for just as long. The first beer serving is documented for the year 1093. The oldest evidence of a Bamberg brewery is provided by a document from 1122: Bishop Otto I granted the Benedictines on the Michelsberg the right to brew. According to their example, Saint Benedict, everyone should receive their daily quantity of beer; as much as one was used to. Since people in Bamberg generally like to pretend to be a believer and trust in the word of a saint, everyone tried to drink their quantity of beer. As a result, the 4,000 citizens of Bamberg in 1439 were already feasting on 880 Seidla (440 l) each. As early as 1489, 27 years before the famous "Ducal Bavarian Purity Law" was issued in 1516, the Bamberg prince-bishop Heinrich III. about the quality of his Bamberg's favorite drink: for a good beer, he ordered "nothing more than hops, malt and water".

In 1818, 65 breweries in Bamberg brewed 40,000 hl of beer. The around 17,000 inhabitants of that time were thirsting for more: in 1902 the number of breweries had decreased to 36 - the annual output had however increased to 160,000 hl - 38,000 Bambergers were now looking forward to it. Today Bamberg is more aware of its beer tradition than ever - and is located in one of the most "beer-consumer-friendly" regions in Germany - also known as the Beer Franconia. Beer lovers from all over the world can draw on the full quality variety of over 50 top and bottom fermented beer specialties, which they should enjoy in one of the beautiful historic brewery restaurants or in one of the typical Franconian beer cellars. The honest efforts are reflected in the statistics: Bamberg's per capita consumption of beer is around 280 liters per year - clear evidence of the enthusiasm, love and connoisseurship as well as an intimate relationship with this wonderful cultural drink!

Bamberg beer - a natural pleasure, which is characterized by its digestibility and variety of flavors. May you drink it with the same enthusiasm as the Bamberg brewers brew it for you. Your Bamberg breweries wish you thirst-free and eventful hours of enjoyment in Bamberg.

You can find more information and dates (church consecrations, goat tapping) on ​​the individual breweries in the breweries' respective websites (please click on the corresponding brewery logo).