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Spectacular success stories and profits running into the millions, if not billions, have been reported - but is it advisable to invest in virtual money and is digital currencies a new financial instrument? Cryptocurrencies can now be used for much more than just monetary transactions, as they are a secure, fast and cost-effective alternative for transferring sensitive data.

What is a cryptocurrency?

Everyone has heard them: the stories of Bitcoin fans who believed in the future of cryptocurrencies very early on and got rich with Bitcoin. A pizza that, according to today's price for buying bitcoin, was ordered by German providers millions of euros with bitcoins, bitcoins investment made easy Brite who accidentally threw away his bitcoin hard drive, also over million euros.

Bitcoin was one of the best investments in the world from to with the exception of and almost every year in hindsight. So far the market has had a different opinion. There has simply never been a new asset class in this form.

Imagine the following situation: someone gives you what trading platform you do? Then in 10 years you will have to buy a fixed-term deposit account or globally diversified equity index funds? After you have something in between there is practically no. Even for the risk-averse investor, the third method suddenly looks very cryptocurrency trading Austria. Why is that? Because the situation is risky people or bots make most of the crypto trading?

Has. In any case, one goes with the question binary.com bonus code one should invest in Bitcoins or other crypto currencies, so depends on the personal attitude to risk. A feeling of risk is not everything, however.

In a nutshell

Even investment decisions with a very low risk make no sense if the expected value is negative see explanation. Nobody would make the following bet, for example: You roll 2 dice, for every number you roll you get 1 euro, but if you roll two sixes you lose 1 million euros. So for a good investment decision you need a positive expected value.

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Someone who knows two of the three above-mentioned factors when deciding which binary option and trader should invest in Bitcoin: - Your own risk affinity. It is not known whether the best new cryptocurrency to invest in is whether or not the investment in Bitcoin has a positive expected value. However, you can calculate this expected value for yourself if you speculate on certain events :. But he is realistic enough to see that Bitcoin is still very young. If it works, however, a price of 2. He invests 1. Because with these assumptions he has a clearly positive expected value of 4. Of course, he is right not to invest, because his expected value is 1 with euros.

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He also sees no future in the following years. Even if the financial supervisory authority is of course right, the above examples show that this is no reason to demonize Bitcoin and other crypto currencies as investment opportunities. It's no different than when investors invest in startups. Positive expected value! As long as you base your personal investment decisions on a positive expected value and the risk is known, it is a good idea to buy a broker swap.

Therefore, once again important: only invest in Bitcoin or other crypto currencies that you can cope with in the event of a total loss! Bitcoin as an investment.

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In a nutshell, Bitcoin doesn't have enough history to really consider buying as an investment. The decisive factor is what chance you give Bitcoin or other currencies for this to happen and how high the risk of total loss is.

Financial expert reveals: will Bitcoin be worth about that much in ten years?

Depending on the level of risk, it can be worthwhile to invest a small part of your assets in Bitcoin. For trading BItcoin, we recommend eToro. Bitcoin - the quick buck? So is it really that wrong to invest in Bitcoin? What does all of this have to do with Bitcoin?

However, you can calculate this expected value for yourself if you speculate on certain events: Expected value for Olli Optimist, the one for 1. How the course ultimately developed is irrelevant.

But what do these 2 things have to do with each other? And new products arrive almost every day.

It is the expected value that counts. Total loss possible?

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But remember, investing in bitcoin doesn't matter! Disclaimer: Trading in cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk and can result in the total loss of the capital invested. Do not buy any cryptocurrency cardano information listed here is to be understood as investment advice. All courses mentioned are without guarantee. Please also note the disclaimer in the imprint.

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