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Through an article on ReadWriteWeb (5 Great YQL One-Liners) I landed on Yahoo's YQL platform again after a long time and was amazed at what the Yahoo Query Language meanwhile does everything (more about YQL here). For example, I had no idea that you could have your own table definition can write and that there is already a pretty busy community around these definitions.

My favorites are:


... finds various microformats. »

More here: SELECT * FROM microformats


... classic OpenID discovery. »

... YADIS Discovery. »

... and there are a number of others OpenID queries... it should even be possible to build a complete OpenID client with YQL.


… Sends an OAuth request. »


… Sends an update to the specified hub. »

Web finger

... web finger discovery. »


... sends an OpenSocial People-Inquiry. »

Social graph API

... enables access to Google's Social Graph API. »


... interprets Atom feeds with all possible extensions, for example the ActivityStreams extension. »

Maybe I'll get one of those days too Query together 🙂