Can I buy cannabis from the Netherlands?

Do you want to buy CBD oil in Holland? What you absolutely have to pay attention to!

The recently rediscovered herbal remedy CBD (cannabidiol) has proven itself because of its remarkable effects on pain(1)Vučković S et al., Cannabinoids and Pain: New Insights From Old Molecules. 2018, Front Pharmacol, Anxiety(2)Crippa et al. Neural basis of anxiolytic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) in generalized social anxiety disorder: a preliminary report. 2011, J Psychopharmacol and has made a name for itself in the field of stress relief in recent years!

However, CBD has only recently been available on the market free and without a prescription. Therefore, Germany is still lagging behind in many areas when it comes to competition from some neighboring countries.

Because of this difference, some CBD users have the desire to order their cannabidiol abroad. The Netherlands in particular is very popular. But it can lead to legal problems? In the following text we inform about the Advantages and disadvantages the acquisition of CBD abroad, which is included strictly observed in terms of quality and legality as well as whether and which top alternatives are available in the home. Have fun!

Important criteria to legally buy CBD oil from Holland

You can also buy CBD oil in Holland within the EU's product area. Nonetheless, you should note the following, if you also want to be satisfied with the purchase:

  • How about that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content in the respective product? Is this higher in Holland and maybe even banned in Germany?
  • What are the production methods for hemp plants abroad? Are the guidelines comparable with the German ones?
  • What is the State of legality, when buying CBD oil from Holland? Can there be consequences and problems with the police?

You should only deal with a specific purchase decision once you have answered these questions satisfactorily. You can find out what advantages, but also disadvantages, a purchase in Holland can bring with it further down in the text.

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Why is cannabis legal in the Netherlands & Amsterdam?

As almost everyone knows, Holland is one of the few countries where cannabis is traded, consumed and also possessed allowed is. This legalization of the narcotic has resulted in Amsterdam becoming the meeting place for the cannabis tourist scene.

Because of this pioneering role, the Netherlands is way ahead of all other nations when it comes to cannabis. This includes making extracts like CBD.

Even if some consumers may have bought CBD oil abroad in the past because of these circumstances: cannabidiol is now also freely available in Germany and the local market is also able to provide customers with high quality products!

What advantages and disadvantages can I expect when I buy my CBD in Holland?

As mentioned above, the Dutch producers are many years ahead of the Germans and more experienced in the field of cultivation. In order to

  • CBD oil from abroad is sometimes cheaper
  • some top manufacturers have already emerged. With these "old hands", both Dutch and German customers can usually be sure that the goods are of top quality and purity

An additional advantage is that you can conveniently pay with the euro within the euro area.

In contrast to this, however, if you order from Holland problems also arise if you want to order your CBD oil there:

  • It is not necessarily guaranteed that producers from abroad will adhere to strict production regulations, as is the case in Germany
  • Not every country has the same THC limit value for CBD products as Germany! In the worst case scenario, this can lead to an unintentional criminal act, as you end up with it illegal narcotics over the border
  • Due to the borders and the change of logistician, there may be delays in the delivery of orders abroad
  • If there is something wrong with the delivery or the product, customer service matters. This is perhaps much worse off abroad - and the fact that German is not spoken there creates such a situation not necessarily better!

All of these disadvantages hardly occur with German producers and shops, or not at all. Overall, the disadvantages of buying CBD oil from abroad outweigh those of buying CBD oil from Germany!

CBD oil: what are the alternatives to Holland?

German traders have managed to set new standards in the CBD world. Thus, CBD products are the highest quality in many places reputable dealers available. This includes the following options:

CBD oil in the pharmacy: does it make sense?

CBD oil is in German pharmacies without prescription available. In contrast to Dutch products, the quality of the products here is very high. However, pharmacies do not specialize in the sale of CBD oil, which makes the prices significant higher than in other places. In addition, pharmacies sometimes only sell cannabis-flavored oils, without the crucial cannabidiol. This makes buying CBD oil in pharmacies rather unattractive. The question of whether it makes sense to buy CBD in Dutch pharmacies is therefore superfluous.

CBD oil from the drugstore: is that possible?

CBD oil was available in many drug stores until 2019. However, due to legal uncertainties, retailers such as DM and Rossman decided against it and removed the products from their range. We are curious to see how the situation develops and whether CBD oil will soon find its way back into German drugstores.

CBD oil online: really the favorite?

To most convenient and most reliable One of the ways to purchase CBD oil is online trading. The dealers specialize in the production of CBD oils. As a customer, I find out everything I need to know about the production, above Certificates, up to possible Effects and Studies. That creates transparency and trust.

The price / performance ratio in online trading is also fair and appropriate. All in all, it is advisable to purchase CBD oils in German online shops from established and trustworthy retailers.

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In which countries is CBD legal?

This table tells you at a glance how our neighbors are doing with the legality of CBD:

Important purchase criteria to safely & legally purchase CBD

No matter in which country you want to buy your CBD oil - you should definitely have the following purchase criteria consider:

  1. Is the delivery quick and without complications?
  2. Does the product also have the dosage you need?
  3. Does the product contain no harmful substances or solvents?
  4. Is the price justified, also in comparison to the competition?
  5. Have third-party laboratories also examined the product closely?
  6. Can customer service be relied on if something goes wrong or the product is faulty?

We recommend only ordering from producers who can really guarantee all of these aspects!


If you want to buy CBD and CBD oil abroad, for example Holland, you have to be careful despite the possible price advantage:

The manufacturers based there may take it with the hygiene and the Production purity standards not as accurate as the German providers. Customer service is also to be cited as a possible disadvantage, as problems with calls to the hotline are inevitable due to the language barrier alone.

Most important though the legal situation: Abroad there is a jumble of different regulations, also with regard to the THC content. If the dosage is too high, this can quickly backfire if the order is picked up by the customs officers at the border. Tetrahydrocannabinol is still an illegal narcotic and leads to smuggling legal consequences!

Due to this abundance of negative scenarios, interested users should rather buy their CBD oil from German manufacturers, as there is also a great range of CBD products on the market in this country, which does not need to hide from the competition from abroad!

Cornelius De Luca

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