Is the pyramid framework ok?

The future skills framework

Future skills are defined as skills that will become significantly more important for professional life and / or social participation over the next five years - across all sectors and branches of industry.

That means: Future Skills is an important subset of all skills required in the future, on the one hand limited in time to the next five years, on the other hand focused on the characteristic of increasing cross-sectoral importance. This definition of future skills excludes all skills that are either clearly industry or subject-specific or whose importance will decrease relative to other skills. They are of course still important in numerous sub-areas of the economy and thus remain a central task for training and further education. The time horizon of five years was chosen because it is long enough to realistically include the effects of developments that are already foreseeable today. At the same time, this range is short enough to be able to make reliable statements about future skills despite the rapid technological development.

In this timeframe, digitization and new forms of work will present companies with two challenges, both at the top and in the breadth. Firstly, the job portfolio is shifting further towards IT positions, the filling of which is an increasing problem, especially in the areas of transformative technologies, such as in blockchain technology or artificial intelligence. Second, the forms of work and the job requirements are changing for the majority of all employees. Many employees therefore need a changed set of digital and non-digital key qualifications.