You can be banned from offline games

Are cheats legal?

Translated, cheat means not only cheating, which is actually quite harmless, but also fraud. In this practical tip we explain whether cheats are still legal.

Cheats are helpful - but also legal?

Third-party cheats can be used to gain advantages when playing games, such as more play money, more efficient weapons or special powers. This means that you usually master various levels better and faster than your fellow players. It is not surprising that this game tactic is not welcomed by your fellow players or the game manufacturers.

  • As a result, it is very possible that you will be excluded from the game. The publishers of the games and the operators of the game servers usually reserve this right in their terms and conditions.
  • However, such measures only apply to online games and mostly relate to hacks - i.e. programs from third-party providers that influence game functions.
  • In addition, you must not manipulate the program code under any circumstances, as the copyright lies solely with the manufacturer.
  • Otherwise, whether or not you use cheats is still a question of morality, honor and fairness. As long as you do not get a monetary advantage, cheating is not criminally relevant and therefore legal in this sense.

Differences Between Cheats, Hacks, Mods, and Tools

Since cheating is not the same as cheating, we will explain the difference between cheats, hacks, mods and tools:

  • Cheats are usually key, number or letter combinations built in by the manufacturer that you can use to influence the game. However, do not touch the program code or run additional third-party software. Cheats mostly only work offline and are therefore irrelevant for online games.
  • Hacks are external programs or files that affect the running game. Well-known and hated examples are "Maphacks" in strategy games that reveal the map for you. Such programs are prohibited by the manufacturers.
  • Mods are changes to certain program files that you can use to change the look of a game, for example. In online games you should stay away from it, but if you play offline, you have nothing to worry about with mods.
  • There are also small, helpful tools that may influence your game in your favor, but do not lead to exclusion. These include programs such as hotkey tools, with which you simulate mouse clicks at the touch of a button, or background programs that connect your game to a music player - so you can start or stop tracks without minimizing the game.

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