How many words are 200 characters

What is a standard page?

Billing for editing and proofreading is based on standard pages of 1,650 characters each, including spaces - and not, for example, on A4 pages. The reason for this is as follows: By setting the font, font size, line spacing and margin width, it is possible, for example, to compress a text onto a single A4 page or expand it to 100 A4 pages. The number of A4 pages can therefore fluctuate depending on the type of formatting, although the number of characters in the text does not change, and is therefore unsuitable for billing purposes. In the case of billing according to standard pages, the only measure for the scope of a text is its total number of characters. If you divide this number by 1,650, you get the standard number of pages of a text. Such a calculation is equally fair for the customer and for the editor, because the total number of characters does not fluctuate, not even with clever formatting. The number 1,650 is made up of 30 lines of 55 characters each.

How do I determine the total number of characters in my text?

In Word and OpenOffice, you can determine the number of characters as follows:

Word 2007:

Under the menu item 'Check' you will find the button 'Count words' in the section 'Document check':

from Word 2013:

Under the menu item 'Review' you will also find the button 'Count words' in the section 'Document review':

After clicking on 'Count words', an information window appears in which you can read off the number of characters including spaces for your text:


In OpenOffice select the entry 'Count words' in the menu item 'Extras':

Clicking on the entry also opens the desired information window here:

Now divide the total number of characters by 1,650, and the standard number of pages for your text is ready.

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