Why did the military build the HAARP

Meteorology: The weather is turned

Hailstones for Bavaria

Without dust, smoke or salt crystals in the atmosphere, clouds would not even be able to form. In order for it to rain, the water has to freeze in the clouds. This process can be triggered with silver iodide, which has the same crystalline structure as natural ice crystals.

When the first water droplets freeze to the silver iodide, their vapor pressure is lower than that of the free droplets. Therefore, the crystals quickly attract more droplets, continue to grow and become heavier and heavier, until they finally fall out of the cloud and rain to the ground. A raindrop consists of a million or more such droplets. One gram of silver iodide provides around ten trillion nuclei.

The technology is also well suited to preventing impending hailstorms and is used in Bavaria, for example. The more crystals there are in the cloud, the smaller the hailstones inevitably have to stay. However, only a very precise weather analysis can effectively combat hail. The polarization Doppler radar is a great help here.

The system of the German Aerospace Center in Oberpfaffenhofen, for example, can analyze the particles of a cloud in such a way that the type of precipitation - rain, snow, hail or sleet - can be predicted.

Rain for Texas

Weather-making has long been a common practice in the United States. For example, the recurring dry spells in Texas have been countered by inoculating clouds with silver iodide since the 1950s. Numerous companies offer their meteorological services for this purpose.

The aim of inoculating clouds is always cumulus clouds. If a cold wedge of air brushes hot Texas, it warms up. Warm, moist cumulus clouds form; but only a small part forms water droplets that become rain again. By far most of the moisture is blown away by the wind before it rains. Often the clouds also contain too few ice crystals that could act as condensation nuclei. If there is a lack of such germs, the cloud water is supercooled. That means it remains liquid even below freezing point.

This is where the rainmakers come in and give the hypothermic clouds the missing germs for the blessing rain. Using radar from the ground, meteorologists decide which clouds the pilots have to fly to in order to burn their silver iodide candles there. The cloud must be large enough for this. Their lifespan must be estimated and the size and concentration of the water droplets and ice crystals they contain determined.

Weather as a weapon

For some time now, the US Air Force has been officially broadcasting a military scenario of weather manipulation for the year 2025: A South American drug cartel has procured hundreds of Russian and Chinese fighter jets. The powerful drug lords have local air sovereignty and repel any attack by the US with a ten-to-one aircraft superiority.

The military meteorologists then strike - with thunderstorms. The weather battalion WFSE (weather force support element) receives the order to determine the path of the thunderstorm trains in the target area and to intensify existing thunderstorms or to trigger new ones.

Unmanned UAVs (uninhabited aerospace vehicles) create cirrus clouds over the target area, which impair visibility and obstruct the enemy's infrared detectors. (But they don't write how this happens.) At the same time, microwave emitters generate local spray layers that block radar-controlled instruments. They work to weaken the enemy with induced fog banks, drought and dehydration and the like.

Manipulation of the ionosphere?

The research that goes well beyond the cloud layer is somewhat mysterious: the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) to manipulate the ionosphere. While clouds and weather take place in the troposphere, the lowest 18 km of the atmosphere, the ionosphere only begins at an altitude of about 60 km and extends 500 km high. The USA seems to be working on targeted changes in the global climate.

In the thin air of the ionosphere, the gas molecules are permanently bombarded by cosmic rays. As a consequence, a plasma layer of ions and free electrons is created. In Gankona, somewhere in the no man's land of Alaska, the USA has built a huge shortwave transmitter, a forest of 360 antennas several meters high with a total transmission power of 15 megawatts.

With pulsed short waves, limited areas of the ionosphere can be charged a million times more with energy than with any other energy source. In this way you want to influence the weather, e.g. B. Fend off cyclones. But the USA refuses to give the European Parliament access to research, and there is great concern about possible manipulation of the climate.

Peter Stubbe, professor emeritus at the Max Planck Institute for Aeronomy in Katlenburg, considers a climate-effective manipulation of the ionosphere to be pure nonsense. There is practically no interaction between the ionosphere and the troposphere. The calculated warming of the atmosphere through irradiation of the ionosphere with short waves is below a thousandth of a degree Celsius.

HAARP is also used for military research: the shortwave radiation creates layers in the ionosphere that reflect low-frequency electromagnetic waves of 10 Hertz; these ELF waves (extremely low frequencies) penetrate deep into the earth and water and make underground bunkers, nuclear facilities and submarines visible.