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What does txt / TXT mean? Meaning, written out, definition

“TXT” has different meanings and knows different spellings. It is used as a file extension, as an acronym, as a band name and as a name. In this post you will learn more about "TXT", ".txt" and "T.X.T.":

TXT - extension text file (.txt)

For Windows and software applications, .txt is a common ending for text files. "Txt" stands for "Text". The vowel "e" has been omitted from the word "Txt". (See TeXT.)

Text files only contain texts, i.e. letters, numbers, symbols and ASCII characters, that can be read by humans. The contents of a TXT file are unformatted.

A TXT file can contain normal text, collections of symbols, and code.

How to open a TXT file

A TXT file can be opened using the editor, Notepad ++ and similar programs. TextEdit software can be used on a Mac.

TXT - Tomorrow X Together (BigHit, Meaning)

"TXT" is the name of a South Korean K-Pop band that is part of Big Hit Entertainment. "TXT" is the abbreviation for "Tomorrow X Together".

In 2019, TXT was formed. Her first album is "The Dream Chapter: STAR".

Singles released in 2019:

  • Blue orangeade
  • Cat & Dog
  • Crown
  • Nap of Star
  • Our summer

TXT resource record entry

"TXT Resource Record" is part of the DNS settings of a server. The TXT entry is freely definable.

Further meaning of TXT

"T.X.T." was a German Neue Deutsche Welle duo that was founded in 1985 and ended in 1987. It consisted of Markus Mörl and Mark Jefferies. The band became known for "Girl’s Got a Brand New Toy".

"TXT" was a French literary magazine that appeared from 1969 to 1993.

"TXT e-solutions" is an Italian software company.

"SWISS TXT" is a Swiss teletext company.

“TXT” is the abbreviation for “Trusted Execution Technology”, a technology from Intel.

"TXT" is the abbreviation for the Textron Inc. share.

The "Robots.txt" is a public website file that is used to indicate to search engine crawlers which subpages and directories they should visit and which they should avoid.

"TxT" is a Filipino film released in 2006.

"Txt" is the ISO code of the Citak language spoken in Papua New Guinea.

"Txt me" is a song by Tobi Lou.

"TXT" is a song by Mettal Maffia.

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