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"Maischberger": Bodo Ramelow approaches the presenter with questions - "Cheap slapstick"

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  • Thuringia

Bodo Ramelow disagrees with some of the questions asked by "Maischberger". Image: screenshot ard

"Cheap slapstick": Ramelow complains about questions at Maischberger

Bodo Ramelow is also partly to blame, says "Bild" journalist Niklaus Blome in "Maischberger - die Woche". The ARD talk show is once again about what is happening in Thuringia.

After the FDP and CDU, together with the AfD parliamentary group, elected the liberal Thomas Kemmerich in the Erfurt state parliament, the effects of this election can still be felt. CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced her withdrawal, and FDP leader Christian Lindner almost stumbled upon Thuringia.

What is the responsibility of the former Prime Minister of the state, Bodo Ramelow? The left-wing politician went into the prime ministerial election on Wednesday last week without a majority and had to hope that CDU and FDP members would vote for him. The question of responsibility should be answered by "Maischberger" none other than Ramelow himself.

One thing in advance: During the course of the conversation, Ramelow, who is known for his heat, will not only give the moderator a clear understanding of what he thinks of some of her questions. Namely, not much.

"Mrs. Maischberger!" - "Mr. Ramelow!"

Maischberger asks in the interview, which takes up the middle part of the program: "How far is your guilt?"

Ramelow starts to explain: "The point was. We had state elections ..."

Maischberger: "That is known."

Ramelow begins: "Journalists told me ..." But because the presenter interrupts him, he says: "Ms. Maischberger!"

Maischberger replies: "Mr. Ramelow!"

Ramelow then explains: Journalists reproached him for not running for a prime ministerial election. He then said he would work towards a majority.

Maischberger interjects: "But you didn't succeed."

Ramelow annoyed: "Who banned the CDU and the FDP from talking to us?" He had been negotiating continuously with the CDU parliamentary group leader Mike Mohring since December 23. There were 22 projects that he talked about with the CDU. The crucial question, however, was: who would make him prime minister of a minority government? "That should be possible through the third ballot," says Ramelow. In this ballot, a simple majority of the votes would have been enough for Ramelow.

Maischberger insists: "In other words, you feel set up?"

Ramelow leans back in the chair: "I don't even know what to say about 'tricked'." And then again refers to the breaking of taboos.

Maischberger asks why he didn't put up an SPD candidate. Because the CDU could have voted.

"Sorry, may I point out that the election winner is sitting in front of you in Thuringia," says Ramelow and shakes his head, clearly annoyed.

He starts repeating what he said before. "Now do I have to justify myself for standing up for election?" He asks stubbornly.

He has to explain what happened that Wednesday, says the moderator. Ramelow: "Ms. Maischberger, no, others have to explain that." So Ramelow does not see any complicity in the events. Instead, he complains about the FDP. With their parliamentary group he "made a fool of himself" when he answered questions from the MPs for 40 minutes on the morning of the election.

Ramelow snuggly to Maischberger: "That's just cheap slapstick"

The question would be clarified, the question of how things will continue in Thuringia remains. The Left Party's new offer to the CDU and the FDP is: Vote Ramelow in the first ballot so that a new state government can initiate new elections.

"Do you know whether you will be Prime Minister?" Asks Maischberger. "How do you think it will turn out?"

"I want to say it again ..." says Ramelow. "I just want to describe it once ..."

The moderator interrupts him again with her question because Ramelow evidently evades.

He then says: "Ms. Maischberger, you are not the CDU. Can't you just wait ... I came here to answer questions. Not just to make cheap jokes."

Now Maischberger is also annoyed: "Sorry, that's no slapstick if the Thuringian voters want to know how things will go on."

Ramelow finally says: There will be negotiations on Monday. He hopes that a "package will be put together" that will provide a solution for new elections.

The interview ends here, Ramelow and Maischberger shake hands in a conciliatory manner. But will the left-wing politician get his majority? "If he signs beforehand that there are new elections, he will get them," believes "Bild" journalist Blome afterwards.



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