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Studio freezes or does not start up when starting

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Starting problems can have a number of causes. The Studio application may freeze during start-up or crash after an initially problem-free start, meaning that the user no longer has control over the program.

In these cases, try any or all of the following procedures:

· Restart your computer and double-click the desktop icon for your studio application.

· Wait a few minutes to make sure that the application really has stopped responding, even if you assume that the Studio application has not started correctly. Some computers may take longer to start up than expected.

· Uninstall and reinstall the Studio application.

· Start Windows in Safe Mode. If Studio cannot be opened even in Safe Mode, your installation may be defective. This problem can be solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the Studio application.

If Studio fails to start in Safe Mode, the cause is likely a faulty device driver or application conflict. Use the following measures to further narrow down the cause of the error:

· Disconnect the recording hardware. Start with external Pinnacle devices such as B. Dazzle or MovieBox. If Studio can now be started, reconnect the device and open Studio again. If the attempt fails again, continue with the next step.

· If you are using a webcam, try to start Studio with the device connected and disconnected. If the start succeeds in one of the two states, but not in both, make sure that you use this same configuration every time you start Studio in the future.

· Next, examine the capture card installed in your computer. You can get a display of the recording devices currently in use via the AM Capture application (beginOProgramsOStudio 12OToolsOAM capture). In the AmCap window, select the respective recording device in the menuDevices (Devices) off. Physically disconnect the listed devices one at a time. You can also try uninstalling the respective drivers.

· Download and install the latest drivers for your sound and video cards from the manufacturer's website. Both drivers must support DirectX. The latest drivers for the popular graphics cards from NVIDIA or ATI can be found at www.nvidia.com or www.atitech.com.

· If you are using a sound card (and not motherboard-based sound hardware), uninstall it from your system as some older cards will not work correctly with newer versions of Windows. To check, shut down the computer, uninstall your sound card, and restart the system. If the Studio application can now start without any problems, you may need to install a new sound card.

· Shut down all applications or tasks that are running in the background. To do this, either use the button End processin Windows Task Manager or one of the software tools designed and available for this task. Alternatively, you can prevent unnecessary (and possibly conflicting) applications from starting automatically at startup by editing your list of startup programs accordingly.

Editing the list of startup programs

To prevent applications from starting automatically when you start (or restart) your PC, proceed as follows:

1. Click onbeginOTo run.

2. Enter the command in the text fieldmsconfiga.

3. Click onOK.

In the System Configuration Utility dialog box, click on the tab labeled Startup on the far right and uncheck all check boxes with the exception of Explorer and the system tray (SysTray.exe).

Studio freezes or does not start up when starting