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Whitepaper: How to scale business success with performance content marketing

Content marketing has established itself as an important sub-discipline in the online marketing mix. But so that it can effectively contribute to the achievement of corporate goals, strategic considerations and a structured workflow are necessary and: it must be possible to measure success. This is why this Whitepaper from Peak Ace provides you with targets, synergies and the ideal process aspects to make content marketing performant and scalable.

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Evaluate strategies effectively by measuring a wide variety of KPIs

Performance content marketing combines the most relevant growth options that content and performance marketing have to offer. For companies, this means that with their various content formats they can approach very variable goals - with different KPIs. Be it optimizing brand awareness, increasing traffic or a sales uplift.

The performance marketing agency Peak Ace shows in a detailed whitepaper how synergies between areas such as PR, SEO, design or IT can ensure that relevant information pools are built up for content marketing.

In addition, the paper provides a structured 6-point plan for the strategic approach to performance content marketing, from the status quo analysis to topic research, distribution and monitoring. The insights are enriched with tips on the success potential of pre-outreach and the right choice of formats for specific campaigns, depending on the budget or the target group, according to the motto: form follows function.

This is followed by information on optimal distribution via earned, paid and owned media, before an extensive checklist illustrates how the content marketing campaign can be high-performance and successful.
Download the Peak Ace whitepaper directly, so that you too can help your content marketing achieve the best possible performance sustainably and based on concrete insights.

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