How do we use the Apple compass

Use the hidden compass in the map app

The Apple Maps app is a multipurpose weapon. You can not only see your location and marvel at sights in 3D mode, but yours Use your iPhone as a navigation device as well. But did you also know that the map app also has a compass? Read on if you want to know how to turn this feature on and how to use it.

Activate location services

To prevent problems, check in the location service settings whether the maps app is allowed to access your current location. Open the "Settings" on your iPhone, tap "Privacy" and then on "Location Services". If the location services are generally deactivated, you have to activate them in order to be able to use the compass in the map app.

Even if the location services are activated ("On"), you should tap the list entry for security and see whether the location services for the app "Cards" are activated. If not, activate it by ticking the point on the location services level "Cards" and then the checkmark at "When using the app" puts.

Use a hidden compass

To use the compass in the map app on your iPhone, first open the map app. By default, the address line is shown below. The one pointing to the top right is relevant for this trick arrow, you can find it in the upper right corner of the picture (see screenshot below). This arrow is multifunctional.

As you can see in the screenshot, we are on the world map and can only roughly guess where we are (if we didn't know), namely somewhere in the middle of Europe.

If you tap on the said arrow, it will turn blue and the map view will automatically zoom in on your current location. We would like to point out again at this point that this only works with activated location services (see above, "Activate location services").

If you now blue arrow If you tap a second time, it aligns itself upwards and the map view rotates in the direction in which you are currently looking or in which you are pointing your iPhone. At the blue point on the map that marks your location, there is now also a cone of vision.

And - you may have already discovered it yourself - you will now find the promised mini-compass in the top right corner. Due to its size, this compass is very minimalistic and completely dispenses with degrees. Instead, only the north is shown with an "N" and a red arrow. You can also deactivate the compass with a tap of your finger.

If you move your iPhone, the cone of vision and compass also change. This mini compass in combination with the cone of vision is especially useful if you are on foot and want to follow directions. At least that way you always know where north is and in which direction you are walking.

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