What are the top 3 Halloween movies

Halloween Movies: The Best Horror Movies for Halloween!

Sorry, but I don't know anyone who said on Halloween: "Let E.T. take a look! That fits perfectly!". ^^

Evil Dead ... I would have rather put the original in it. The remake is just plain silly. I've only seen it once so far and I don't feel the need to watch it again and I hope it won't continue. More could have been made of it. Most shocking horror movie ever. They advertised that. Pffff. That was a joke and that Raimi supported him ... for a while I actually lost my respect for him.

Ghostbusters? Really now? The same applies here as with E.T. I've never heard anyone say they wanted to see Ghostbusters on Halloween. I once worked for a video store and of course we put together a horror wall for Halloween. We didn't even have Ghostbuster or E.T. on the wall for children. stand there ^^.

So honestly ... if you make such a list, please do it right.

The films from the Living Dead series are also missing. The old monster films from Universal. What is now part of Halloween is Treehouse Of Horror. In particular the Shining episode. Was the animal there?

Well Next year I want to see at least one top 100 list ^^

Only a dead person is a good zombie! :)