Are Taurus really that stubborn

Attention! 7 things that every Taurus is guaranteed to piss off!

Pissing off a bull is a bit of a challenge. And definitely one that you'd better leave. Because if he's mad at you once, it won't change again so quickly. So here are seven things you should avoid when dealing with a Taurus:

1. Unreliability

The typical Taurus is known for its absolute reliability. And that's exactly what he expects from others. Getting transferred at the last second is a no-go for him and makes him really angry. A little tip: If you are working with a Taurus, you should always let them know in good time if you fail to complete a task.

2. Unsafe, unclear situations

Since the Taurus is very organized, nothing bothers him more than situations that are unclear. When he is not sure what is going on and what will happen next. If you spend a lot of time with a Taurus, you should always have a plan A and, in case of an emergency, plan B and C.

3. Impatience

Since Taurus is the calm person, nothing bothers them more than impatient people. People jostling at the checkout in the supermarket and moaning why it couldn't be faster. Or people rushing through the city at a jogging pace, although they could actually stroll comfortably.

4. Righteousness

Often you don't like in others what bothers you in yourself. This also applies to the bull. Since he is really stubborn, he tends to be bossy. That ends badly when he meets other people who also want to push through their point of view. To avoid arguments, at a certain point you should simply agree that the Taurus is right.

5. Rudeness

Taurus may be very down to earth, but they are also very sensitive and their feelings are easy to hurt. They don't get along well with rude, inconsiderate people.

6. Scams

Loyalty is very important to Taurus! And that's exactly what they expect from family, friends and colleagues. If they notice that they are being betrayed, cheated on or taken advantage of, they get really angry.

7. Bad food

The typical bull is a real connoisseur - especially when it comes to eating. Meals that have been prepared carelessly, wasted ingredients or if you let him wait while eating can quickly annoy him.

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