Which episode kills Sasuke Orochimaru

Sasuke Uchiha vs. Orochimaru


Sasuke's training is paying off

After Sasuke was trained by Orochimaru for three years, the latter tries to take over Sasuke's body and thus his Sharingan. But before he gets there, Sasuke breaks into Orochimaru's bedroom and nailed him to the wall with his hands with Chidori Eiso.

The white snake

Orochimaru shows who he really is

After a short conversation, Sasuke grabs his sword and runs towards Orochimaru. But before the blade hits its target, his mouth opens and a huge white snake emerges, which is Orochimaru's true body. With the words "Give me your body" he rushes at Sasuke, who however evades. The snake hits a wall, but suddenly smaller snakes grow out of its scales and attack Sasuke. With skilful blows of the sword, he beheaded several at once. But the next moment seven more snakes race towards the Uchiha. He seems to have reacted too late, because immediately afterwards he is surrounded by countless snakes. Blood splatters, but not Sasuke's, but that of the snakes. In the next instant they will be thrown away in all directions. Sasuke is now standing between all the dead snakes in the second stage of the Juin.

The fight seems decided

Shortly afterwards, Orochimaru is cut in three parts on the floor. Sasuke deactivates the Juin. He crouches down and looks at his apparently defeated opponent. Suddenly Sasuke notices that he can no longer move, because, as the still living Orochimaru tells him, his blood exudes a breath poison when it escapes, which paralyzes the opponent. Orochimaru's head rises and snaps towards Sasuke.

Sasuke is locked in

In the next moment Sasuke finds himself in a different place. The soil is made up of an unknown soft matter, where Orochimaru's ancient bodies are trapped everywhere. When he wonders where he is, Orochimaru's voice replies that he is in another dimension. As if on a command, he now appears from the ground and grins broadly at Sasuke. Snakes now grow out of Orochimaru's body and surround it. Sasuke uses the stomach: Kasegui no Jutsu, which Itachi has already used against Orochimaru to immobilize him. Orochimaru breaks the genjutsu and approaches Sasuke. Shortly before Sasuke he activates his juin and his chakra darkens the entire dimension. Orochimaru is horrified that Sasuke can take on his dimension. Sasuke uses the dimension against Orochimaru and creates several large blows from the material on the ground. One of the beatings attacks Orochimaru and banishes him in Sasuke. The fight ends with the victory for Sasuke, who leaves the hiding place shortly afterwards.

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