Are you interested in cheating on your husband?

Reasons Women Cheat + How To Move On After Cheating On You

We're going to show you exactly why women cheat (and stay faithful). You may not want to hear all of the facts, but it will help you either strengthen your relationship or move on. While cheating is relatively common, it doesn't mean it's easy to deal with or move forward. Cheating can lead to breakup, divorce, emotional distress, and other difficulties. Cheating on a partner can be devastating. After all, it's known as treason. This can lead to a lack of confidence and decreased self-esteem.

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Unfortunately, it is quite common for a partner to cheat, an estimated 20 percent of married women compared to more than 25 percent of married men [1]. Another study found a higher estimate of 40 percent of married women cheated on compared to 50 percent of married men [2]. And these numbers are only for married couples. One reason for the difference in the estimates could be that people in personal studies reported less fraud. This could indicate that people do not want to admit these behaviors in a face-to-face interview [3].

It can be helpful for men and gay women to understand why their partners are cheating. Are there certain factors? Is It Possible To Prevent Fraud? And when it does, how do people get past it?

What is considered a scam?

Before starting a discussion about fraud, it is important to identify exactly what fraud is. However, that could be a problem. The thing is, not everyone agrees on what constitutes fraud. Ideas can vary from person to person and within different cultures [4].

Some men may think that their partner has cheated on them when they kissed someone, flirted, had sexual thoughts about another man, or texted someone, called someone, or sent naughty pictures in our age of technology. At the same time, not all will agree that these acts constitute fraud. Some people would consider a physical affair just a cheat, while others would consider an emotional affair a betrayal as well.

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This is because emotional matters create intimacy between two people. Read more about intimacy.

Many would only consider behavioral fraud when it comes into physical sexual contact - "through the bases". At the very least, most people would agree that having sex - going "all the way" - is considered a cheat.

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There is also a consideration of how many times the cheating has taken place. If it was a one-off thing, many people consider it a bug, while an ongoing thing is really considered a fraud. Other people would only think about it once enough.

Ultimately, it is wise for the partners in a relationship to decide on their definitions of cheating in the relationship. This way, there is less risk of misunderstanding and both parties are on the same page [5].

Learn how to define and set limits on fraud.

Do men and women feel different about physical and emotional cheating? One study supported the popular idea that women are more interested in emotional than physical matters. The idea is that women worry about how stable the relationship is and whether resources are being taken away if the man is cheating emotionally, which could indicate love and the consideration that he is leaving the relationship, as if a man is physically cheating, which may not cause him to leave the relationship. Research has found that a smaller majority of men are more concerned about physical than emotional cheating in their partners. [6].

Why do women cheat?

While individual women might have their own reasons for cheating, there are some patterns that tend to explain the greatest amount of cheating by a woman. A study looking at factors of fraud found that the main reasons were the basic idea of ​​low levels of happiness in a relationship and insufficient compatibility with “sexual attitudes and values”. The study found that women were more influenced by relationship factors than demographics. However, they were also affected by their sexual personality traits [7].

Psst, men cheat for the same reasons.

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When trying to find out why women cheat, it should also be borne in mind that people with more attachment anxiety have been associated with a higher risk of cheating [1]. Attachment anxiety is an insecure attachment style that comes with the idea that the other person is not so available to them. You will then likely act according to this idea.

Learn more about attachment styles.


Research has also supported the idea that women in certain populations are more likely to cheat than others. Two groups with a higher chance of cheating are upper class women and the unfortunate [8].

6 tips for an unhappy marriage here.

Women of different ages can cheat, while it is generally the case in childbearing age groups. One study focused on cheating in teenagers and found that different age groups within this group may have different ideas about what cheating means, with older teenagers focusing more on genital contact than younger groups. The study found that female adolescents viewed non-physical matters as fraud, while men were more likely to focus on sexual behavior involving genital contact [9].

Read a story about a woman who cheated.

College-aged students in one study had higher-than-normal levels of cheating. That study focused on Northern California and found that over 60 percent of students had experienced some form of sexual cheating. It found that both women and men are just as likely to cheat sexually, while men are more likely to see cheating positively than women [2].

In the student population, one study found that personal factors were the main factor behind cheating, rather than situational factors. These personal factors include aspects such as maximization, selfish behavior, and avoidable attachment, which is another type of insecure attachment style [10].

A college degree had no effect on cheating on women in one study, while women cheat slightly less often when their husbands have a degree. Being religious also reduced the chance a little [8].

A review of various surveys and data found that relationships in which the partners live together without marriage do not have stable arrangements that can affect their lives in many negative ways, including cheating. The review found that living together in relationships was more likely to involve infidelity than married couples. [11].

There tends to be a lack of information about cheating and why women cheat in homosexual relationships. Therefore, it is unclear whether cheating in lesbian relationships can be higher, equal or lower than heterosexual relationships [12].

A study of married American women found a higher likelihood of cheating in:

  • Black women
  • Women who lived with their husbands before they were married
  • Women with a childhood that involved sexual abuse
  • Women with higher numbers of lifelong sexual partners
  • Remarried women

The probability of religious women decreased with increasing age and with a higher level of education. In this study, it was found that there were some inconsistencies between studies regarding demographics and the likelihood of fraud [3].

Another factor that can encourage cheating is when someone is economically dependent on their spouse. This also applies to men who rely on their spouse for financial reasons. According to one study, the feeling of being dependent and not being fundamentally the same in a partnership increases the likelihood of cheating. Related to this, women who contributed significantly to family income were less likely to be cheated on. In fact, they are least likely to cheat if they are the main breadwinner. However, this increases the likelihood that the male partner will cheat [13].

Is it possible to prevent a partner from cheating?

Is it hopeless? Do straight men and lesbians have to accept that their partner will cheat on them at some point? The answer is no. Not everyone cheats. While it seems like some people are only prone to cheating while others don't, the reality is that there are certain things that can be done to reduce the chances of a partner cheating.

Not everyone who cheats once will cheat again. Learn more about repeating cheating.

We saw above that relationship dissatisfaction is one factor that can lead to cheating. Hence, working on a close and meaningful relationship could reduce the urge to look elsewhere for needs and happiness. Some of the behaviors that could make a difference include paying closer attention to what she is saying, making time for activities she enjoys, and asking about her needs in a relationship.

Those who are in a communicative relationship could talk to their partners about “perceptual downgrading”. This technique helps women - as well as men - change their perspective to view another person as less attractive than their partner [17]. This usually happens unconsciously when the person is in a relationship, but it may also be possible to consciously achieve this effect.

How to avoid fraud

When a partner is cheating, it can be extremely difficult or impossible to move forward in the relationship (find out how to move forward after cheating). It depends on each relationship and personal views on whether the partners can and want to get it working after the cheat. If desired, there are some ways to overcome infidelity and progress in the relationship.

The couple must really want the relationship to work and must strive to heal and strengthen the relationship in different ways. Attending couple counseling, as well as one-on-one counseling with a licensed professional counselor, can help couples work on their relationships [18]. Some research suggests that men are more likely to mend and heal the relationship (read: How To Fix A Relationship) if the woman has sexually cheated, while homosexual couples are just as likely to get on with physical or emotional cheating. The latter showed a higher degree of healing of the relationship than heterosexual couples after sexual indiscretion [19].

In some cases it is better to end the relationship. Get tips on how to break out.

Women who cheat can have a variety of reasons for this, but it often comes down to being unhappy with the relationship, certain demographics, and the view of men who appear to be strong candidates for procreation. When women cheat, their partners have some options for dealing with the situation. You can choose to end the relationship or continue on a trial basis to see if it works. Otherwise, they may choose to forgive and continue the commitment. Research has shown that forgiveness is more likely to occur when the deceived person apologizes, especially when it is a meaningful apology with repentance and a desire to heal the relationship [20].

FAQs about cheating on women

FAQ # 1: Does a woman's biology affect whether or not she cheats?

Much of women's cheating is believed to be related to procreation on an instinctive and biological level. In other words, she cannot realize that this is why she is cheating, but her body can encourage her to deviate with the goal of conception.

In fact, when women get to the point in their menstrual cycle when they are most fertile to conceive a baby, they are more likely to cheat. In common sense, this makes sense as women's bodies tell them to try to get pregnant.

A study by UCLA and the University of New Mexico backed up this idea with research. It found that ovulation increased certain emotions in women that could encourage cheating. This included the feeling of "being more desirable, attractive and powerful in their relationships". A key finding was that women were more prone to cheating in certain types of relationships. When women found that their male partner was fit for a long-term relationship but was not attractive, they were more likely to look at men they found more attractive during ovulation than women who found their partner attractive. [14].

A second study by the same UCLA and University of New Mexico researchers supported the first, showing that female participants were more likely to fantasize about other men during their fertile time of the month when they weren't particularly interested in their partner [14]. Further research has also confirmed the relationship between gazing at other men during ovulation when the woman's relationship is more about safety and related functions than attractiveness [15].

As another aspect, a woman may choose to cheat with a man she believes can physically procreate and who is able to support the family on a socio-economic level - the other man has better genes. For this reason, a woman is most likely to have an affair at the age of 45, as this is when women begin to end their childbearing years [8].

FAQ # 2: Does a woman's attractiveness have anything to do with cheating?

A woman's attractiveness can reduce her chances of cheating if she is feeling confident. A study by Rutgers University found that women who were more satisfied with their own bodies were a reason she cheated, especially when they were dissatisfied with their partner and / or their relationship. The researchers found that these women did not appear to have cheated to improve their self-esteem, but rather to find someone who could make them happier [16].

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