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The 6 best cosmetic ultrasound machines tested in 2021

More and more treatments, originally only available in professional beauty salons, are also becoming a welcome alternative in your own home. Cosmetic ultrasound machines are the perfect example of this, as they were first used in the hands of the beautician in the trusted salon. In the meantime, however, the manufacturers of these devices have recognized that such a visit to cosmetics does not always fit into their budget or their own schedule. The result are easy to use ultrasound devices for home usethat are not necessarily inferior to professional solutions in terms of quality.

The beauty trend combines medical knowledge with sophisticated technical standards. The results are impressive: A refinement of the pores, gentle smoothing of wrinkles and generally more elasticity in the skin, paired with improved blood circulation, promise newly acquired youthfulness in the face. In the course of this, it is of course advantageous that the ultrasound application without any noteworthy side effects and is also considered harmless. This fact is a particularly important criterion for cosmetics that are used on the face.

The handy devices here in the test are visually real eye-catchers, very easy to use and promise brilliant results. We took a close look at the market for you and made a selection of the six best cosmetic ultrasound devices, tested them intensively, compared them with one another and finally awarded them. In order to support you as much as possible with your purchase, we also awarded three products in our test with the respective rating: "Best Choice", "Premium Choice" and "Price / Performance Winner".

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Cosmetic ultrasound devices - what does it mean?

When hearing the word "ultrasound", most people should first think of a visit to the gynecologist or family doctor and, above all, of examinations in the stomach area. These are not the only ones, but they are the most common areas of application for medical ultrasound examinations. With these, the positive cosmetic effect of ultrasound was finally determined more or less by mistake: after several applications, doctors were able to observe how the skin in the area felt firmer, looked healthier and small wrinkles simply disappeared. The cosmetic ultrasound device as tested here was born!

Ultrasonic waves can act in a different spectrum. At first glance it may seem confusing, so it should be mentioned separately here: The higher the MHz number, the shorter the sound waves and the less deeply they penetrate the skin. Lower MHz numbers are therefore used on the body than on the face, but this is not due to the performance, but to the short waves of the radiation.

There is no clearly defined target group that an ultrasound machine can use. The devices are just as suitable for the "prevention" of premature skin aging as they are for treating existing wrinkles or when the skin has noticeably lost its elasticity. Even if you are visually satisfied with your skin, the ultrasound waves could be an alternative, for example if your skin feels tense more often. With regard to age or gender, the use is by no means restricted.

In general, use is conceivable, for example, in these situations, with comparable defects or desired improvements:

  • general improvement of the complexion
  • potential reduction in acne and acne scars
  • Reduction of the pores
  • Tightening of the skin including wrinkle treatment
  • for cellulite
  • for stretch marks and stretch marks
  • as a possible remedy for severe pigmentation disorders

The use is therefore always versatile. As you can see from this list, many positive effects are mainly due to the Circulatory stimulating and firming effect back. Both of these can be just as helpful for wrinkles on the face as they are for cellulite on the legs or buttocks. Improvements in acne, acne scars or pigment spots are also conceivable, but these forms of treatment are far more individual and are often combined with other therapeutic approaches.

When it comes to the devices themselves, you will also come across diversity. Some manufacturers supplement the ultrasonic waves, which make up the basis of the device, for example with methods for ionization or light therapy. The frequency spectrum also differs from time to time. Some devices can be adjusted freely, these are then suitable for both the face and the body. Devices with a fixed frequency spectrum have to be more specifically tailored to their later "area of ​​application" on the body (or face).

Summary cosmetic ultrasound equipment reviews

This is how we tested the cosmetic ultrasound devices - the criteria in the overview

Not all ultrasound devices are the same - this was clearly noticeable in our test. That is why we have tried to collect as diverse and informative criteria as possible that will give you a comprehensive view of the product and its individual facets. In general, the criteria should also be categorized according to their performance (wave strength). In most cases, manufacturers will advertise that their own device can be used on both the face and the body, but in reality this is not necessarily the case.

By the way: Always use either an ultrasound gel supplied with the ultrasound devices or purchase a gel separately. This is indispensable as a contact agent and humectant. A high-quality, very economical variant with a very good price / performance ratio can be found here on Amazon.

In our test, we followed the medical and cosmetic recommendations for ultrasound treatment. This means that we recommend devices with a power of 1 MHz primarily for use on the body, only devices with a wave strength of at least 2, ideally 3 MHz receive an unreserved recommendation for use on the much more sensitive and thinner facial skin.

Of course, we also looked at how comfortable such a treatment is and what other features a device contains - here, too, there are clear differences between the manufacturers and their devices. A further complicating factor for buyers is that most of the devices come from the Far East, German manufacturers are so far only very rarely represented in this market segment - at one point it was Beurer through a cooperation, but this device is no longer available on Amazon .

Our test results for each device are generally divided into two areas: First, the short evaluation using a point scale, followed by a detailed evaluation including all the criteria used. The latter of course have a specific effect on the short ranking. This should help you to get an initial overview of the areas in which the device scores particularly well or where deductions have sometimes been made. The list of criteria for cosmetic ultrasound devices is as follows:

  • Performance and effectiveness
  • application
  • Trustworthiness of the manufacturer / product
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Final verdict (overall rating)

We award for each category up to 100 pointswhich would accordingly represent the best possible rating. The fewer points awarded, the more deductions we made - you will then find out why and which exactly in the following detailed test, including all criteria. For the test of the cosmetic ultrasound devices we have with these criteria worked:

Performance and effectiveness

Self explanatory, we'll give you one Overview of the technical details of the device, for example with which wave strength / length it works. We also draw our own conclusions about what effect can be expected based on the technical properties. At this point, we also point out if the device still has alternative treatment methods, which is more often the case with ultrasound devices - for example integrated light therapy.

Application and convenience

Both go hand in hand: How easy is it to use the device? Is it comfortable or rather unwieldy or even uncomfortable? Where can the device be used at all and what are the options for more individual use? These and other questions are taken into account from this point of view. Among other properties such as possible intensities or wireless use are decisive for the evaluation, which can be found in the above point scale under the point "Application". Of course, we also take a look at what the manufacturer himself has to say about the use of his device - and whether we, as independent testers, agree.

Trustworthiness / More about the manufacturer

The devices are not subject to any specific medical standard, which is why manufacturers are allowed to produce much more freely and without restrictions. On the other hand, individual devices differ greatly from one another, and buyers also lack a focus for orientation. Because many manufacturers are not necessarily known in Germany or Europe, we took a closer look at the manufacturers and their trustworthiness and gathered helpful information about them and their products.

Price-performance ratio

Ultrasound devices also differ greatly in price. There are both cheap and expensive premium alternatives. Small and large wallets alike should find a suitable choice in this test. It goes without saying that we dedicate ourselves to the price of the device / set and how it fares in direct comparison with the performance, the other devices here and the market in general.

Customer satisfaction / opinions of other buyers

We have written our test for you as objectively as possible. In addition, we have of course dealt intensively with each product and also tried to work out unique selling points or important information. Nevertheless, when buying an unknown device, it is always helpful to consider what other, previous buyers have to say about it - this is no different with us than with any other consumer. Therefore, we took a closer look at the reviews of buyers and brought together noteworthy information about the device, its strengths and weaknesses as well as special circumstances.

Finally we present our results in one Conclusion including advantages and disadvantages together. There you get the most important points of the individual categories again shown in short form.

Cosmetic ultrasound 1 MHz +3 MHz spectrum from UltraMed

Test winner and premium choice at the same time. The UltraMed device for cosmetic ultrasound treatment is on the one hand the second most expensive, but on the other hand it is also the best product in the test, which impressed us as much as other buyers. There are great advantages in the individual setting of the wavelength, the many intensities and the optional red light therapy. All round a first-class device, if your own budget allows a purchase.

Summary of the test

Performance and effectiveness


Performance and effectiveness

A big advantage is evident at first glance: The UltraMed ultrasound device can be optionally on 1 MHz or 3 MHz to adjust. We already mentioned at the beginning that the waves penetrate deeper, the lower the MHz range is. For this reason, using 1 MHz is generally not recommended on the face. With this device, on the other hand, you have the choice and can switch to the MHz range for the body (1) or the face (3) as required. Due to this distinction, an optimal effect can always be expected, since no “lazy” compromises are made.

The device is safely and reliably controlled by a built-in microprocessor. This ensures that the waves actually act in the selected spectrum and that no major deviations are to be expected. The effect achieved was in the test both on the body and on the face very positive to rate. Thanks to the automated monitoring of the ultrasound output by the microprocessor, the highest level of safety is always guaranteed. The device works both thermally and mechanically.

Another specialty is that optional red light therapy, which can be carried out simultaneously with ultrasound therapy. Among other things, red light is for his circulation-promoting and anti-inflammatory effect known. Accordingly, the UltraMed ultrasound device also makes sense, for example, with acne or frequent irritations. Furthermore, you save yourself the purchase of a separate device if you don't want to do without red light or just wanted to try it out.

Application and convenience

There was a small deduction because the device is used in network operation. It is therefore not possible to charge a battery and then use it freely in the home. But that's only a really small flaw, because normally you should take the time and rest necessary to carry out the ultrasound application anyway - there is hardly a lack of sockets in a household these days.

After this point has been removed, we can devote ourselves to the many positive properties in the application, which of course gradually result in increased comfort. With the help of the exact timer, you can adhere to exact treatment times without having to fiddle with the stopwatch yourself. The UltraMed model lies thanks to its ergonomic shape also very good in the hand. The area where the little finger rests on right-handers has been made a little thinner than, for example, the head. So you always have a good grip, even longer treatments are not difficult to handle - in the truest sense of the word. Since there is no rechargeable battery, as is the case with devices that are used without mains operation, the ultrasound device is also lighter.

The use of an ultrasound gel is always required for the application. This ensures that the device can move freely. Incidentally, this applies to all devices here in the test, not just our test winner. This also provides a hyaluronic acid gel, but this dries out too quickly when used and is therefore only suitable for post-treatment.

There are also a whopping eight intensitiesthat you can choose from. As usual, we recommend choosing a low intensity, especially for beginners. If you would like to treat more intensively after a while, you can always adjust the level upwards. The same applies to people with sensitive skin or skin prone to inflammation / irritation.

Both the actual ultrasound therapy and the optional red light therapy were very easy to use. All buttons on the device can be operated intuitively and without looking. Thanks to the illuminated display, you also receive all important information at any time, for example with regard to the current time or the selected intensity. In terms of use, we were therefore no less enthusiastic about the UltraMed device than with its technical setup.

Trustworthiness / More about the manufacturer

UltraMed have their device Get CE certifiedwhich is very positive. It is also a company that actually only has this one device in its range - the company therefore specializes in domestic ultrasound applications. There is a 24 month guarantee. Since it is a German company that works transparently and seriously, all important information is publicly available. The company's address is this:

UltraMed Cosmetics GmbH
Kurt-Georg-Kiesinger-Str. 12th
D- 97422 Schweinfurt

The manufacturer also operates a subsidiary (Bellaron), which offers natural care products for the skin. These can be used together with the device to provide moisture or to soothe the skin using natural extracts.

Thanks to the CE certification and the fact that UltraMed is a German company, great results can be documented in terms of trustworthiness!

Price-performance ratio

At the beginning we pointed out that the UltraMed device is a "Premium choice" represents. With an RRP of 249 euros, it is certainly not for the tight budget. Discounts are also not expected at the current time.

In return, however, you actually get an absolute top device, which is great for that Ultrasound treatment on the body and face equally well suited, has CE certification and offers many customization options thanks to numerous intensities.Please also consider that you also receive a device for red light therapy as it were, as this is also made possible directly via the UltraMed product.

In our opinion, the price / performance ratio is “very good”. Undoubtedly expensive, but also beyond any doubt in terms of quality, UltraMed deliver a device that is well worth its high price.

Customer satisfaction / opinions of other buyers

During the test, we were not surprised that other buyers and customers were just as enthusiastic. The UltraMed ultrasound device is a real bestseller on Amazon, which is reflected in more than 470 reviews. As is well known, it's not just about quantity, but also about quality. No problem for UltraMed, as the reviews show:

  • 78% of all buyers currently give the top rating (5 stars)
  • another 8% give small prints

Some of the buyers have been using the device for several years without problems. They are extremely satisfied with the results and recommend it to others without any reservations. The skin feels smoother and more supple for many buyers, and wrinkles can also be treated generously. Buyers have had very positive experiences even with customer service, if something is offensive. The UltraMed device also underlines its first-class overall impression with other, authentic buyers.

Conclusion on the UltraMed 1 MHz and 3 MHz ultrasound device for cosmetic use

A test winner who has earned this title 100 percent. There are no weaknesses in this that we were able to identify during the test. Instead, thanks to the flexible MHz performance and the intensities, you get maximum flexibility, an optional therapy option with red light and, above all, a CE-certified, trustworthy product from a German manufacturer, which also scores with a two-year guarantee and great customer service.

For us, the award of test winner as well as premium choice was a matter of course. Those who can afford it are making the best possible choice with this device.


  • special treatment with 1 MHz for the body and 3 MHz for the face
  • with optional red light therapy option
  • ergonomic shape, lies comfortably in the hand and is light
  • with timer and many intensities
  • CE certified and from a German manufacturer


  • possibly the mains operation, should sockets in your own household be in short supply

BBS CARE PRO ultrasound device 1 MHz

Our second place goes to the BBS CARE PRO ultrasound device, which primarily has a performance of 1 MHz for use on the body suitable is. Thanks to different programs and, above all, the continuously adjustable intensity, this device impresses with its flexibility and TÜV certification.

Summary of the test

Performance and effectiveness


Performance and effectiveness

Equipped with an ultrasonic frequency of 1 MHz, the manufacturer recommends it for both the face and the body, but we primarily recommend using it on the body. The deeply penetrating radiation with a frequency of 1 MHz could otherwise cause irritation on the sensitive skin of the face. Great results can be expected on the body, which are achieved equally through the physical and thermal stimulus.

With dimensions of 50 x 52 x 176.4 mm and a weight of 195 g, the BBS CARE PRO device is also very handy and light. The workmanship looks robust and of high quality. If you want to use it on your face, you benefit from a moderate contact surface of 2.7 cm. Nevertheless, we would like to point out again that devices with a frequency of at least 2 MHz are always better suited for a facial treatment.

Application and convenience

We already pointed out in the previous section that the compact shape and the light weight, both of which have a correspondingly beneficial effect on use. This ultrasound device is also used in mains operation, so a socket should be nearby. Dispensing with a battery is the reason why the device works like that handy dimensions and light weight comes.

The device, like other ultrasound devices, is primarily used for these purposes:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • for more elasticity of the skin
  • Minimizing the visible pores
  • a more pleasant feeling of the skin

In the application, it turned out to be an advantage that the intensity of the ultrasound can be freely selected. The face mode works in a spectrum from 0.4 to 1.2 watts. The reduced strength is intended to make up for the fact that the device does not have a setting for a 2+ MHz mode. In body mode, it operates at 1.8 watts. Due to this differentiation in intensity, use on the face is still conceivable.

The buttons are all easily accessible and positioned vertically, they connect directly to the blue display in the middle of the device. The display contains less information than our test winner, but is still informative. Thanks to the smaller display, the device dimensions could also be saved.

Additional light or red light therapy options do not exist with the BBS CARE PRO model. What it can do, however, does it very well. The comfort during the application was definitely considered intensively during the development. The integrated timer ensures that individual modes are not used longer than recommended.

Trustworthiness / More about the manufacturer

Only very few Germans will know BBS CARE as a brand and company. This is a manufacturer from South Korea who also obtained TÜV certification for its device. The Koreans also offer a 24-month guarantee on the ultrasound device. Just like our test winner, BBS CARE have specialized in ultrasound devices and therefore only offer this model.

South Korean companies usually manufacture high-quality products, and the regulations that apply there are much more consumer-friendly than, for example, in China or Taiwan. Last but not least, many other electronic devices have already come from the hands of the South Koreans. However, what was negative in the test was that the operating instructions were rather poor. There is definitely some catching up to do here. However, we do not know whether this is due to the translation and whether the original Korean instructions are more extensive.

Price-performance ratio

With an RRP of 99 euros, the device is much cheaper than our test winner - in return, it is not from Germany, has no integrated red light therapy and does not work with multiple frequencies. So there are definitely cuts to be made for this lower purchase price, which simply cannot be avoided.

We find that the low price justifies these deductions as far as possible and therefore still award a “very good” price / performance result. Although there are clear deficits in performance compared to the test winner, on the other hand the device costs far more than 100 euros less.

Incidentally, a hyaluronic gel cream is included. Again, we do not recommend this for use during the treatment, but if so afterwards. At the beginning, we have already presented you with a high-quality ultrasound gel, which enables a much safer and more effective application than such hyaluronic purpose solutions.

Customer satisfaction / opinions of other buyers

The reviews are bundled on Amazon as well as on individual blogs and product testers are very positive. Again and again, the good workmanship and the low price stand out positively, also with regard to the expected effect there is nothing to complain about within a realistic framework. In return, of course, some buyers notice that the 1 MHz frequency spectrum not ideal for facial treatment is.

On Amazon, the BBS CARE PRO ultrasound device 1 MHz has a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars with more than 90 reviews. Many of the buyers are surprised that the device and its treatment really achieve such excellent effects.

Conclusion on the BBS CARE PRO device

We award silver to the South Koreans and their PRO ultrasound device with 1 MHz frequency and a still excellent final result. Due to the lower price, compromises have to be made compared to the test winner, the largest of which is definitely the missing 3 MHz frequency. If you are primarily looking for an inexpensive, very good ultrasound device for use on the body, this alternative from South Korea is very good for you.


  • In a market-wide comparison, very good price for the service provided
  • stepless adjustment of the intensity possible
  • very handy and light
  • with 1 MHz frequency, primarily for use on the body
  • many different programs


  • Operating instructions are very poor
  • no further light therapies
  • no 2+ MHz frequency, therefore only conditionally suitable for the face

Galvanic Photon Light 3 MHZ Ultrasonic Massage Device

The bronze medal has many different functions and alternative therapies and works with a 3 MHz frequency for ultrasound treatment. This device from a German manufacturer is therefore a good choice if you are interested in further treatments an application mainly on the face to plan.