What are the Commercial Concrete Mixing Plants

Electronic control of commercial concrete batching plants

Aug 20, 2018

There are various forms of electronic control for the mixed concrete mixing station, mainly in the following 3 control methods.

1. Decentralized microcomputer control: This type of control is often used in the design of early mixing stations. The core of the control system is a programmable controller. The upper level computer is only used to print management reports. The function and function of the computer is not obvious.

With the widespread use of commercial concrete, the functional requirements for the concrete mixing station are becoming more complex and the application of this form of control is very difficult.

2. Centralized microcomputer control: This form of control includes computer control and management functions concentrated in one computer, the task is relatively large, and the report data statistics production process cannot be synchronized, cannot be counted at any time. Measurement by human factor too much interference.

For example, the preparation of measurement control procedures, signal amplifiers, and A / D boards from Precision affects measurement accuracy.

3. Central dual microcomputer control: This form solves the interference of the human factor in measuring. The use of special dispensing control instruments, as well as the production control and management functions, are divided into two computers: trouble-free, production control and reporting statistics. The management of computers can also be used as a production backup machine that provides a network interface to the previous computer.

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