NFL players use steroids

Wife beaten, son beaten | That's why the football
Stars more and more often!

Ray Rice (27 / most recently Baltimore Ravens) and Adrian Peterson (29 / Minnesota Vikings). Two shocking cases. Two cases of incredible violence that shake the NFL and even bring the powerful NFL boss Roger Goodell (55) into distress.

America is discussing, the fans are demanding Goodell's head - because two players completely ticked off. Ray Rice knocked his wife unconscious in an elevator. A video of the beating scene appeared. It clicked almost two million times on youtube alone.

The Ravens fired Rice. That was on September 8th.

Just five days later, the next incredible outbreak of violence by an NFL star became known. Adrian Peterson, one of the league's top running backs, has been accused of child abuse. He is said to have hit his four-year-old son with a branch. The child is said to have suffered bruises and cuts on the legs, back, buttocks and testicles.

NFL stars beat their children and wives. It couldn't be worse! They should be role models and yet they are ticking more and more often.

What's wrong with the tough guys from the NFL? Are drugs to blame?

The fact is: Performance enhancers are absolutely welcome in football. Especially steroids that build muscle and amphetamines that stimulate. Wes Welker, wide receiver for the Denver Broncos, just tested positive for amphetamines. The ridiculous ban: four game ban for Walker, but quite common in the USA.

Steroids can be to blame for outbreaks of violence like those of Rice and Peterson!

Dr. Thorsten Dolla, from 1999 to 2007 team doctor from Berlin Thunder in the NFL Europe, on BILD: “The use of steroids can trigger a higher propensity for violence. That is known."

Dolla was very close to the football stars, he says: "Who thinks that it is normal for people to walk around with mountains of muscles like the football players?"

At Thunder there were large posters in the dressing room that demonized doping and admonished the players to practice their sport cleanly. But there were only doping tests at the beginning of the season.

Roman Motzkus was a Thunder spokesperson from 1998 to 1999 and a football expert for ARD for three years. Motzkus: "I have never heard of a positive doping test in the NFL Europe with regard to performance-enhancing agents." A football squad is around 50 players.

The NFL - a dream world. Motzkus: "It's strange that 150 kilo chunks can run as fast as players who weigh around 100 kilos."

Jan Stecker, football expert and co-commentator on SAT1 at the last Superbowl, told BILD: “Of course, steroids and other stimulants are also used in the NFL. It's just part of it. "

But connector has another explanation for the violence. “I think the pressure on the players to succeed is immense. They are constantly exposed to enormous psychological stress, ”explains the former German international.

Rice and Anderson - the NFL is a nightmare world right now.

After all, the league tightened its rules after the Rice case. In the event of domestic violence, there should be a ban of six games in the future, and a one-year ban threatens if it does so. Is that enough? Public education and an active anti-doping policy would be more helpful.

But that is unlikely to happen. Plug: “Doping is an absolute taboo subject in the US public. Cycling has ruined itself with too many known doping cases - that will certainly not happen in football. "