Which inkjet printers accept third-party cartridges?

Stiftung Warentest: Printing with third-party ink is significantly cheaper

Most people are painfully aware that printer cartridges are the real cost factor when purchasing a printer. "Stiftung Warentest" now reports how you can save up to 80 percent on printing costs.

When printing at home, inexpensive third-party cartridges can save a lot of money - but not always. Because it depends very much on the right combination of printer and cartridge manufacturer, reports "Stiftung Warentest" in the magazine "test" (issue 8/2018).

The consumer organization has examined various ink cartridges from four manufacturers for current printer models. Everyone worked well together with the foreign ink. There were still problems here in the previous test three years ago. The reason: Manufacturers resisted the fact that cheaper replicas of their own cartridges were plugged into their printers.

Decent results

The foundation could no longer determine that. Instead, up to 80 percent of the costs per printed page could be saved. In terms of quality, the economy cartridges delivered decent results according to the testers, but they often couldn't keep up with the original ink in terms of color accuracy and lightfastness.

The testers found that third-party cartridges for Brother printers in particular delivered particularly good printing results. For Canon and HP devices, however, the results with cartridge copies were less convincing.

The product testers therefore recommend higher quality printer paper for photo printing. The print will then smear less and the colors will be retained longer.

Not every printer cartridge is cheaper

Also, not every third-party printer cartridge is really cheaper. In individual cases, the reproduction was even comparatively more expensive in terms of the printing price per page. Here it is worth paying attention to the capacity of the cartridge and the page yield when buying and briefly calculating whether a cartridge is really worthwhile in the end based on the price per page.

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And what if the quality of the printouts with the foreign ink is not right? The Stiftung Warentest then advises complaints. Surveys among users of third-party cartridges have shown that the majority do not want to deal with the stress of a complaint. But if you did, you often got a new cartridge or the money back.

According to the information, the use of third-party cartridges does not affect the guarantee and warranty. This is only a problem if the printer manufacturer can prove that the damage was really caused by a third-party cartridge. In the foundation's tests, there has never been any damage caused by saving ink.